Phoenix car crashes, pedestrian collisions, and bicycle accidents down in 2009

Arizona injury lawyers are taking note that the City of Phoenix recently released 2009 car crash statistics which showed a 13% drop from 2008, AZCentral is reporting. Further, the total number of accidents were 22,713, the lowest in 20 years. The rate of accidents per every 1000 people went from 17 down to 14.

Injuries from auto accidents: The statistics state that there was an 8.9% drop for the number of people injured in accidents, and 136 deaths, which is down from 143 in the year 2008.

Pedestrian accidents: Phoenix pedestrian accidents went from 589 in 2008 down to 525 in 2009. 36 pedestrians were hit and killed by vehicles in 2009, down from 41 2008. In 2009 pedestrian deaths accounted for 26.3% of all traffic fatalities.

Bicycle collisions: Phoenix bicycle accidents also saw a reduction 2009. There were 467 collisions, down from 478 and 2008. 423 bicycle riders were injured and nine were killed.

Statistics showed April had the greatest amount of accidents, while September was the most deadly. Friday was the worst day for accidents, and 12 PM to 3 PM was the worst time.

Alcohol only played a role in 6% of accidents, but was involved in 44% of crash related deaths, showing again how dangerous drinking and driving can be.

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