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Phoenix car vs. bike accident leaves rider in critical condition

An Arizona bicycle accident that occurred on Saturday in North Phoenix has resulted in four people being injured, according to ABC news. The injuries to the Phoenix bicyclist are reportedly critical.

A representative the Phoenix Fire Department is stating that the accident occurred when a vehicle was traveling in an easterly direction on Bell Road around 8 PM. At that time a 49-year-old man on a motorized bicycle crossed in front of the vehicle at 21st St. and the car hit the bike. The bicycle rider ended up on the car’s windshield. The car carried the bike rider around hundred yards until the vehicle hit a short brick wall and the bicyclist was thrown off.

The injured Phoenix bike rider was rushed by ambulance to Valley Hospital in critical condition with life-threatening injuries. Three occupants of the car, a 26-year-old woman and children ages 8 and 5, were also seriously injured and taken to John C. Lincoln North Mountain Hospital and St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center.

The Phoenix Police Department is still investigating who was at fault, according to Fox news. However, as a Phoenix bike accident lawyer, I can tell you at first glance that the police will most likely put the bicyclist at fault. At the accident location, E. Bell Rd. has two eastbound and two westbound lanes, plus left turn lanes in each direction and no traffic signal. 21st Street is more of a side street that has a stop sign at E. Bell Rd. The bicyclist likely had a duty to yield to oncoming traffic when crossing Bell Road.

That being said, until the final police report is in, you never know what it is going to say. For example, there could have been independent witnesses at the scene who tell a different story.

Click here to read the accident story as reported by CBS news.

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