Phoenix Launches New Pedestrian Safety Campaign

Faced with an increasing number of pedestrian accidents and pedestrian fatalities every year, the Phoenix Police Department is starting a new program to increase awareness of pedestrian safety issues among those on foot as well as drivers in the city. Dubbed Corner 2 Corner, the program began this week and will include three weeks of activities around the city.

The goal is to prevent pedestrian versus vehicle collisions from occurring and therefore eliminating any injuries or deaths those accidents cause. With fewer crashes, fewer citizens will lose their lives and the economic losses can be limited.

Within the city limits of Phoenix, there are over 500 collisions between pedestrians and automobiles every year with over 300 of those, or about 60 percent, causing injuries to the pedestrian. These injuries range from minor cuts and bruises to debilitating and crippling injuries, as well as death. In fact, over 40 of the pedestrian versus vehicle crashes result in death to the pedestrian every year.

Some of these crashes are caused by the negligence of a pedestrian but others occur when a driver is negligent. A spokesperson for the Phoenix Police Department stated that many of these crashes happen when a pedestrian crosses in the middle of a block instead of a designated crosswalk, when pedestrians ignore safety around public transportation stops like for buses and the light rail, and when drivers fail to yield to pedestrians as they cross the street or other areas. As these crashes can be caused by drivers or walkers, the campaign aims to encourage both groups to exercise safety. Pedestrians are encouraged not to cross mid block and to always look before entering a street while drivers are asked to remember that pedestrians can be anywhere and that they should drive accordingly.

The program begins with three weeks of community educational efforts. Following that time will be two weeks of increased enforcement where pedestrians and drivers can expect to be watched for their conduct in Phoenix. Residents are encouraged to contact the Phoenix Police Department for more information on the program.

While accidents can be caused by either pedestrians or drivers, these crashes often result in injuries only to the pedestrian. The driver is protected by the metal of a vehicle and generally takes little of the impact in a crash while a pedestrian is not that lucky. Without anything surrounding or otherwise protecting the person, it is easy and common for a pedestrian to be seriously injured in an accident.

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