Phoenix Motorcycle Accident Kills Driver

Motorcyclist in Phoenix and across the Valley face constant threats while riding, some from other drivers, some from other motorcyclists, some from the road themselves, and possibly some from a motorcycle itself. When a motorcycle accident occurs, it is common for a Phoenix-area driver to claim that they did not see the motorcycle or did not notice it prior to impact due to the bike’s small size, poor visibility, or distraction. Other common excuses are that a driver was attempting to pass a motorcycle because that driver was in a hurry, but the driver passed when it was not safe to do so.

Thousands of excuses are given every year in an attempt to explain the conduct of an at-fault driver when a motorcycle accident occurs in Arizona. But they are rarely valid as it is every driver’s duty and responsibility to operate a vehicle, whether it is a truck, car, van, or motorcycle, in a safe and reasonable manner. Failing to do so may cause a collision and may lead to significant consequences for the driver responsible.

Local authorities, including police officers and prosecutors, can issue traffic tickets, citations, or bring criminal charges against a driver who causes a crash. In addition, the victims of those accidents may be able to seek personal relief that is separate and distinct from any action brought by the State of Arizona or a local municipality. Victims have the right to seek compensation for their damages, including the medical expenses they incur, when they are hurt by the actions of another. Consulting with a lawyer who handles personal injury actions may help you understand whether you have a valid claim if you have been involved in a crash.

Unfortunately, a motorcycle accident in Phoenix turned tragic yesterday when the biker involved lost his life. According to local officials, a 51-year-old man was riding his motorcycle on Grand Avenue when he lost control of the bike and collided with a curb. That initial impact caused a second impact between the motorcycle and a post supporting a guard rail in the area.

The crash was strong enough to throw the man off of his bike and to the ground where he remained until emergency authorities responded. He was evaluated and transported to an area hospital but the extent of his injuries were too severe and he died shortly thereafter. Police also responded to the scene of the collision and began an investigation into the crash. At this time, their investigation is ongoing and they are trying to determine why the man lost control of his bike and whether any outside factors played a role.



Road hazards that are no more than a nuisance to the drivers of cars can be deadly in the eyes of a motorcycle because of the design of a bike and the fact that there is nothing surrounding a rider to protect him or her in the event of a crash. Bikers also have to be concerned about the mechanical state of their motorcycles as a small change or a failure of one component can threaten an entire bike.

The laws governing motorcycle accidents, including those that apply to single-bike accidents, can be complicated and it can be difficult to understand what options may be available to a victim. At Abels & Annes, P.C., we want to remove the guess work in these cases by helping you seek relief if you have been hurt.

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If a motorcycle accident in Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, Chandler, Tempe, or elsewhere in the Valley has affected your life, call Abels & Annes, P.C. today and let us help you seek the relief you deserve.

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