Phoenix Truck Crash Leaves 2 Hurt

On average, a semi truck travel more miles every year than a passenger car, particularly on highways and freeways as they move product from one location to another. Though they travel a lot of miles, semi trucks are involved in fewer accidents per mile than most other drivers. This, in part, is due to stricter requirements for truck drivers as well as addition required training.

But semi truck accidents still occur, some in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. And when a semi truck is involved in a crash, often the results are serious. The large size and weight of a semi truck means that it causes more damage than other vehicles when it is involved in an accident. In addition to any damage done to a car, a semi crash can also leave those involved with serious or even fatal injuries. Speaking with an injury lawyer after a crash is the best way to learn about the legal options if you have been hurt in an accident.

Police in Phoenix were called to the scene of an accident on Wednesday morning that involved a pickup truck and a semi near the intersection of 7th Avenue and a frontage road for I-17. Police believe that the two vehicles collided while traveling in different directions. According to the driver of the semi, he was eastbound and had a green light when the oncoming pickup truck collided with his vehicle. It is not clear whether there are any independent witnesses to the collision that can confirm or deny this version of events.

In addition to police, emergency crews responded to the crash and transported the driver and the passenger in the pickup to area hospitals for evaluation and treatment of their injuries. Their current conditions remain unknown.

Police are still investigating the crash and trying to determine if the pickup ran a red light, and if so, why. Reportedly they are considering all possible scenarios including whether alcohol may have played a factor in the accident.

If you have been involved in an accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. A personal injury lawyer who handles accident cases can help you understand whether your legal rights allow you to seek a recovery for your damages, including any medical bills you have incurred.

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