Police Looking for Hit-and-Run Driver in Fatal Teen Skateboarding Accident

Skateboarding is common and popular among children and teenagers in Phoenix and the rest of the Valley, so much so that there are numerous parks dedicated to boarding and other similar activities. When the weather is nice and school is out, it is easy to see kids and others using skateboards, scooters, and inline skates for fun and for transportation.

Parents should not have to worry about their children’s safety when they are hanging out in a safe manner and within all applicable laws covering their conduct, yet every year, many children and minors are injured in accidents with cars when the drivers of these vehicles fail to pay attention. Being distracted, speeding, or running a stop sign are some of the many reasons that car accidents with children occur in Phoenix and may result in injuries.

The children hurt in these collisions may face a lifetime of consequences that can include injuries that may never fully heal. In the worst instances, a teenager or a child may lose his or her life due to the actions of another. While these collisions cannot be erased once they occur, it is possible for the victims and the families of the victims may be able to recover financially through a civil claim for their damages. These settlement can cover expenses like medical bills but no amount of money will ever be adequate when a teen loses his or her life. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer who handles wrongful death claims on behalf of the families of accident victims may help you understand whether you are entitled to relief for your losses if your family has suffered from the actions of another.

An accident between a skateboarder and an SUV turned fatal on Sunday and police are now looking for any information on the driver that may have been involved. According to witnesses, a white SUV in the area was driving erratically when it came upon an 18-year-old who was riding on a skateboard in San Tan Valley near Gantzel and Chandler Heights Road. The SUV allegedly struck the skateboarder, sending the victim into the air where he landed approximately 15 feet away from the point of impact. Emergency crews responded and transported the teen to an area hospital but the injuries were too severe and the teen died a short time later.

The driver of the SUV reportedly fled the scene after the crash without alerting authorities and without checking on the teen’s condition. At this time, police are asking anyone with information on the driver of the white SUV to come forward so that officials can speak with the driver.

When an accident seriously injures or claims the life of a teen, the impact is felt far beyond that teen’s immediate family. Friends, classmates, and neighbors also suffer due to the loss which can never be erased.

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