Rear-End Crash in Phoenix Leaves 4 Hurt, Including 3 Children

Rear-end accidents are one of the most common forms of collisions across the country. Some rear-end accidents are minor and result only in damage to the vehicles involved but others are serious and can leave victims with permanent injuries or even death. Often, the circumstances immediately before an impact, including the speed of the vehicles involved and the size and type of vehicles, has a direct affect on the results of the crash.

Most, though not all, rear-end crashes are due to the negligence of one or more drivers. Often, motorists are distracted behind the wheel and are focused on something other than the road, which leaves them unable to notice traffic slowing to a stop or a change in traffic patterns ahead. This can lead to a distracted driver rear-ending another vehicle if the distracted driver is unable to stop in time.

Heavy traffic is often a trigger for rear-end crashes because the traffic can turn to stop-and-go with little warning. Even a slight distraction can keep a driver’s attention away from other vehicles and can lead to an impact. With rush hour traffic in Phoenix and the surrounding cities leading to significant congestion, it may not be surprising that many rear-end crashes occur as well.

When a car accident is caused by the fault or negligence of a driver, the victims who are hurt in the accident may be entitled to seek relief against the responsible driver. The laws of Arizona provide victims with this right so that those who have been harmed can receive monetary awards to cover expenses like medical bills and lost wages. This type of claim is separate and distinct from any charges brought by the local police or prosecutor and these claims can exist even if an at-fault driver did not receive a ticket. Speaking with an injury attorney in Phoenix is the best way to understand whether you were involved in an accident that provided you with the right to seek relief.

Authorities are not yet sure of what caused a rear-end crash in Phoenix yesterday but they are investigating the incident which occurred on an off ramp from I-10. Police reported that the crash happened near 59th Street and that two vehicles, a white Jeep and a black sedan, were involved. Police believe that the Jeep was stopped at a red light and that the sedan failed to slow or stop in time, causing the sedan to strike the rear of the Jeep.



Five people were in the sedan at the time and four of them, a woman and three children, needed medical treatment at area hospitals. The fifth person, another adult female, was not injured, nor was the driver of the Jeep.

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