Recovering from an Arizona Hit And Run Accident

Driving on any road can mean that danger is looming just around the corner. But sometimes, no matter how much caution a driver exercises, they cannot put a stop to motorists who flee the scene after an accident has occurred. Those drivers responsible for Phoenix hit and runs, especially when the accidents are fatal or cause severe injury, must be held accountable.

In a recent news report, a serious car accident occurred in Phoenix, leaving one pedestrian dead and another seriously injured. The incident occurred when the two pedestrians were struck by a car along Interstate 17 at around 2:45am. In the wake of the collision, a young woman was declared dead at the scene after being struck by the car, and another was severely injured. The driver was on her way home from meeting friends at the time of the collision and fled the scene.

Arizona Department of Public Safety officials reported that the driver who fled the accident is being charged with failure to remain at the scene of a fatal collision. Although it’s unclear why the two injured individuals who were on the freeway at the time of the accident, DPS officials reported that impairment of the motorist was not a factor in the fatal crash and that the driver had a suspended license at the time of the incident.

Unfortunately, hit and run accidents can happen to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. Arizona law states that a hit and run collision occurs when a person involved in an accident fails to immediately stop their vehicle at the scene or near it, and instead leaves without offering assistance or exchanging necessary information. Penalties could apply to both the person who is at fault and the person who was hit if they fail to adhere to these requirements.

Additionally, leaving the scene of a major Arizona accident can bring serious consequences beyond just penalties. If the collision involved serious physical injury or death and was caused by the driver, the motorist who fled the scene could be facing a class two felony in Arizona and a myriad of punishments based on prior criminal history. Because of the complexity of these cases, potential clients are advised to hire an experienced and compassionate attorney who can advocate on behalf of you or your loved ones to get the compensation they deserve. Those who cause a painful accident resulting in either serious injury or death should be held accountable, or they may continue to pose a threat to public safety. Hiring a skilled lawyer who can navigate the difficulties of these cases is crucial so that you and your loved ones can continue to recover.

Have You Been Injured in an Arizona Hit And Run Accident?

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