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Red Light Car Crash Injures 3 in Phoenix

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that, on average, two people died every day in the United States in 2011 in a collision that involved a driver running a red light. Of those that lost their lives, roughly half of the victims were someone other than the person who ran the red light and an additional 118,000 people were injured but survived in red light crashes in 2011 alone. Between 2007 and 2011, AAA and Cambridge Schematics report that the economic toll of costs lost in red light accidents was $378 million.

The numbers are staggering. The injuries, loss of life, and economic cost of red light collisions in the country should not be ignored. These are some arguments that numerous communities have used in explaining their decisions to implement red light cameras over recent years and that others have used to enact new legislation. While national trends continue to show an annual decrease in the deaths caused by these car accidents, the fallout is still far too significant for motorists to feel safe when they are at or near an intersection.

Late yesterday afternoon, three vehicles collided near a Phoenix intersection and local authorities believe that a red light violation may have triggered the crash. The incident happened near West Grant Street and South 19th Avenue and witnesses report that east and west traffic had the right-of-way. Allegedly, a vehicle traveling northbound failed to stop for a red light and, at a high rate of speed, entered the intersection against traffic, colliding with a second vehicle in an impact that caused the first driver to lose control. The first vehicle reportedly then struck a third car in the intersection.

Three adult victims were treated at the scene and transported to area hospitals where they were all expected to survive. Additionally, three young children were involved in the crash and appeared uninjured but were taken to hospitals to rule out any harm. It is unclear at this time whether any traffic citations will be issued or why the alleged at-fault driver failed to stop at the traffic light.



Following a car accident, some victims can incur thousands of dollars’ worth of medical expenses for the treatment of injuries they sustained in the crash. Without negligence on the part of an at-fault driver, those injuries would never have resulted and the victims would never had been forced to pay for those bills. With this in mind, the laws in the Phoenix area enable victims to seek relief to recover for their monetary and non-monetary damages which often include medical bills. Other damages may consist of pain and suffering, lost wages, or damage to the vehicle involved in the crash.

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