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Red Light Crash Causes Pedestrian’s Death

On Sunday night, Phoenix police received notice of a collision between two cars at the intersection of McDowell and 15th Avenue. When police officers responded to the scene, though, they found not only two cars with victims inside but also a pedestrian victim who was hit and killed by a light pole as a result of the crash.

Police are still investigating the accident and trying to determine fault but at this time, it appears that a car traveling southbound on 15th Avenue collided with a car traveling eastbound on McDowell. One of the cars ran a red light and entered the intersection against traffic, causing the crash, but both drivers are claiming that the other one ran the light. The two cars collided in the intersection, causing a significant impact that made one of the drivers lose control of the vehicle, spinning out into traffic and striking a light pole on the corner.

Police believe that a 25-year-old man was standing near that light pole at the time of the crash and may have been walking away from the intersection when the car hit the pole. The impact with the light pole caused it to fall to the ground, striking the 25-year-old pedestrian and critically injuring him. He died on the scene and police believe that he may not have seen the pole falling towards him.

At least one of the two cars had a passenger and it appears that all drivers and the passenger were transported to area hospitals for treatment of minor injuries. All are expected to survive. Neither driver has been issued a ticket at this point as police officers have not determined which vehicle caused the crash. However, in addition to a citation for running a red light, the at-fault driver may face charges related to the pedestrian’s death which could result in time behind bars, if the at-fault driver is convicted of any charges.

It appears that the victim in this case did nothing wrong and rather was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Yet if the responsible driver had stopped for the red light as required by law, the 25-year-old pedestrian would still be alive. Traffic accidents are often unintentional but are the result of negligence on the part of one or more drivers. Too often, being careless or distracted behind the wheel leads to a collision that causes serious injuries or even death. In the event that a driver causes an accident, that driver may be financially responsible to any victims for any damages that result.

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