Ride of Silence Hits Valley in Remembrance of Bicyclists

Mesa and Gilbert will see hundreds of cyclists take to the streets tonight for Ride of Silence, an international movement to highlight those injured and killed while cycling. The silent ride will begin at 7:00 p.m. at Mountain View Park in Mesa and will follow an 11 mile route south to Freestone Park in Gilbert before finishing back at Mountain View.

Ride of Silence began in 2003 in Dallas, Texas after a cyclist was killed by a passing bus. The ride is open to the public and free to join with no registration needed. Cyclists all over the globe are encouraged to band together for a silent ride in honor and memory of those bicyclists who have been injured or killed in accidents.

The idea behind Ride of Silence is to draw attention to the cycling community so that motorists are more aware of cyclists and their use of the roads. If more motorists are aware of bikes and are actively alert for riders, the belief is that fewer collisions will occur, resulting in fewer bicyclists being injured or killed in Arizona and across the world.

Organizers have several rides throughout Arizona scheduled all for 7:00 p.m. tonight as May 15 has been the designated date for northern hemisphere rides. Participating groups in the southern hemisphere are preparing for rides to take place on Saturday which is also used for northern cities that experience inclement weather tonight.

As the goal of the ride is to increase awareness and safety, all participants are encouraged to wear bicycle helmets and to follow all local laws during the ride. As the name suggests, there is no chanting, shouting, or even quiet talking during the trip – riders are encouraged to remain silent so their presence as a unified group makes the statement as opposed to individualized words from the riders themselves.

Bicycle safety is a major concern in Arizona where 1,910 bicycle crashes occurred in 2011. Of those collisions, 1,586 resulted in injuries and 23 crashes proved fatal. The most common causes of death among bicyclists are head and brain injuries but broken bones, internal injuries, cuts and scrapes, and puncture wounds are also relatively common. The best way to avoid crashes is to ride defensively and always wear a helmet. The fact is that even though motorists should always be cautious of cyclists, many are not and collisions often occur.



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