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Road Rage Crash Kills Innocent Woman in Phoenix

Phoenix Police believe that a fatal crash on Monday began with a road rage incident between two other vehicles but spilled over to involve another car, leaving an innocent passenger dead.

The incident occurred on the south side of Phoenix and had the drivers of an SUV and a Mazda tailing one another throughout the city. Police believe that there was some initial incident between the two drivers while they were on the road and the SUV began aggressively following the Mazda as a result.

As the drivers neared the intersection of Baseline and 27th Avenue, the Mazda made a quick turn in an attempt to escape the SUV. The SUV driver did not react in time and crashed into a third vehicle near the intersection. The third vehicle has been described as a passenger car and the impact caused the car to roll over with at least two people inside. A passenger inside the third car was killed in the crash.

Authorities state that the driver of the SUV was a woman and that she had three children in her vehicle at the time of the crash. After the accident, she stopped and waited for police to respond. The driver of the Mazda did not stop and police are still looking for him in relation to the road rage incident. Police have not said whether anyone has or will be charged for the incident or the resulting collision.

Commonly referred to simply as road rage, aggressive driving is a very dangerous activity that experts estimate contributes to nearly 50 percent of all accidents on American roads each year. It is hard to track the exact number because often, after a collision, drivers are less than truthful about the events leading to an accident, especially when it may show some fault on the part of the driver.

Simply put, aggressive driving is a series of unlawful or ill-advised moves while driving in traffic that may threaten the safety of those on the road. A more extreme version of aggressive driving can properly be labeled as road rage and is where one driver assaults another on the road with a car or other deadly weapon. Both aggressive driving and road rage are violations of Arizona law and road rage is a criminal offense that can lead to significant jail time, not to mention fines, legal fees, and other penalties.

In addition to any traffic infractions or criminal charges that arise from an aggressive driving incident, the driver may also face a claim in a civil court for any injuries the driver caused. Unfortunately in this accident, an innocent woman lost her life through the dangerous and reckless driving of another. This woman’s family may be able to bring a claim for their losses against the other drivers who created the dangerous situation that caused the crash.

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