Road Rage is a Significant Issue in Phoenix

If you have spent any amount of time driving in the Phoenix area, it is likely that you have seen the congestion that plagues the city, especially during the weekday rush hours. Sometimes traffic can stop for no known reason and in other cases, it seems like traffic jams will never clear. The typical motorist in the Phoenix area admits that these situations can be frustrating from time to time and it can be difficult to cope with traffic problems and inconveniences.

But congestion is far from the only distressing situation that can occur on the roads. In addition, speeding, weaving in and out of traffic, and cutting off other vehicles are just some of the reasons that surveyed motorists said they become frustrated with other drivers in Arizona and why those motorists may respond with their own aggressive driving.

Though it may be common to get upset or frustrated while driving, it is critically important that every motorist handle such aggravation in a responsible way. This means not engaging with another driver in a threatening manner or escalating a situation, no matter what your reason or rationale. Failure to stay calm may lead to aggressive driving or even road rage, two types of behavior that are known triggers for car accidents in the Phoenix area.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (“NHTSA”) defines aggressive driving as a combination of moving offenses so as to danger other persons or property. In contrast, NHTSA defines road rage as something beyond aggressive driving by declaring it an assault with a motor vehicle or other deadly weapon. Arizona law distinguishes between these two actions as well by making aggressive driving a traffic offense but road rage a crime.

When it comes to road rage, not all drivers are treated equally. National studies reveal that the most common driver to exhibit road rage behaviors are males under the age of 19. Across any age group, males are more likely than females to show road rage and it is estimated that 2/3 of all traffic fatalities are caused by aggressive driving. One study conducted by NHTSA even revealed that two percent of all drivers admit to trying to run an aggressive driver off the road.

Road rage is a crime for good reason – driving in that manner can be reckless and significantly increases the odds that a collision will occur, making it possible that the drivers and passengers involved will be injured. If you find yourself in a frustrating or threatening situation while in Phoenix, try to remember to remain calm, avoid escalating the situation, and put distance between yourself and an aggressive driver to ensure your safety.

If you were involved in a collision caused by road range and you were injured, know that you have legal rights that may entitle you to financial compensation. A civil claim for damages can help you recover for things like the medical expenses you incurred, wages you missed while you were unable to work, and the pain and suffering you were forced to endure due to a collision.

If you have questions about your rights, call the personal injury lawyers at Abels & Annes, P.C. today toll free at (855) PHX-LAWYER or locally at (602) 819-5191. One of our attorneys is standing by 24 hours a day to take your call and to offer you a no-cost, no-obligation case consultation regarding your accident and your rights. The content of the call will be kept confidential and if we represent you, we will never charge you a fee unless we make a recovery on your behalf.

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