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Safety authorities to combat aggressive driving in effort to reduce Phoenix car accidents, Arizona trucking accidents

The Arizona Department of Public Safety is participating in Operation Safe Driver this week (Oct. 17 to 23) by focusing on aggressive driving by both commercial drivers and the drivers of passenger vehicles.

Many Phoenix car accidents and trucking accidents in Arizona are caused by some form of aggressive driving, including speeding.As we reported recently on our Phoenix Injury Lawyer Blog, 806 motorists were killed and more than 50,000 injured in Arizona traffic accidents last year. Arizona trucking accidents killed 99 motorists in 2008.

Aggressive driving is a significant threat to motorists on the road. While many drivers associate aggressive driving with road rage, they are not the same thing. Road rage is a criminal offense, aggressive driving is a much broader category of driving behaviors that includes speeding, failure to pay attention while driving, tailgating, making frequent lane changes, running read lights, inappropriate passing, cutting drivers off in traffic and not using your turn signals.

Those who are prone to driving aggressively should slow down, plan ahead and allow extra time to reach their destination, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

When confronted by an aggressive driver, a motorist should move out of the way, avoid eye contact and should not respond to gestures. Dangerous drivers should also be reported to police.

Arizona safety officials hope to combat the dangers of aggressive driving and other poor driving decisions on a number of fronts. The Department of Public Safety’s objectives this week include:

-Increased traffic and safety belt enforcement.

-More roadside inspections of commercial vehicles.

-Increase education among drivers, especially teen drivers, of the dangers of driving around large trucks and buses.

-Promote awareness of the dangers of distracted driving.

-Implement education and awareness programs for commercial drivers.

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