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Semi Truck Driver Charged in Fatal Arizona Crash

Semi trucks present a significant threat to all other drivers on the road. Their large size and generally heavy weight means that they outmatch any passenger car that is in their way, meaning that when a collision occurs, the passenger car will almost always fare worse than the truck. Those injured through the negligence of a semi truck driver may be entitled to bring a claim for their damages and speaking with an injury lawyer can help you understand what your options may be.

Police have reported shocking facts from a fatal crash outside of Quartzsite yesterday morning between an SUV and a semi. At this time, police believe that the driver of the semi was driving under the influence of drugs on Interstate 10 as he approached an SUV with at least seven people inside. The truck driver reportedly rear-ended the SUV, causing a crash that pushed the SUV off the road and forced it to roll over at least once.

Two people inside the SUV were ejected during the crash, and unfortunately, both of them lost their lives as a result of the injuries they sustained. Five others in the SUV suffered injuries but were expected to survive.

According to local authorities, the driver of the semi fled the scene but was apprehended about a half a mile away from the crash site. He has been arrested and charged with two counts of second-degree murder, five counts of aggravated assault, driving under the influence of drugs, and leaving the scene of a fatal accident. It is unclear whether he was also injured in the crash.

If the allegations against this truck driver are proven to be true, he could face serious penalties, including incarceration. But that may not be the end of the driver’s legal liability stemming from this incident.

The laws in Arizona and in Phoenix allow those injured by the negligent or reckless conduct of another to seek relief against the responsible parties. In some cases, that may be a driver, an owner of a car, or even the company that a driver was working for at the time of a crash. As each accident involves a unique set of facts, speaking with an injury attorney is the best way to learn what claims you may have.

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