Semi-Truck Accident Kills 2

In 2013, there were 10,741 trucking accidents in Arizona, including semi-truck collisions, garbage and concrete truck accidents, tractor trailer collisions, and tow truck accidents. These collisions accounted for just over five percent of all traffic-related accidents in the state, meaning that though truck accidents are very visible, they make up only a small portion of all collisions. Yet despite the fact that truck accidents may be less common than some may have believed, they are responsible for a large number of injuries and deaths every year because when a truck crash occurs, it tends to be very serious. Among those collisions that involved trucks, 94 accidents turned fatal and another 3,181 crashes caused injuries.

The victims of truck crashes may be forced to suffer from injuries, often including broken or fractured bones, cuts and lacerations, back and neck injuries, or even death. State officials may conduct an investigation into a crash and issue traffic tickets or criminal charges as a result but any penalties associated with those charges will not go towards the benefit of those who are hurt. Instead, injury victims may be entitled to seek financial relief through the use of a civil claim for damages, a claim possessed by the victims of car accidents to enable them to recover for the wrongs done to them. These claims can provide compensation for medical expenses, surgical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages, depending on the facts and circumstances surrounding a crash. Speaking with a lawyer who handles personal injury claims, including truck accidents, may help you understand your legal options following a crash.

An early morning crash today turned deadly on I-10 in Tucson, prompting an investigation by local authorities. Police believe that a tractor trailer was traveling westbound when the driver lost control of the vehicle for reasons that are not yet clear. The truck began to roll and reportedly crossed the center median, entering westbound lanes of traffic and allegedly colliding with a westbound vehicle. The crash caused both vehicles to catch fire and resulted in the deaths of the truck driver and the driver of the westbound vehicle.

Truck accidents affect not only the victims of the crashes but also their friends, family members, and co-workers. The injuries sustained in these collisions may be minor or may be severe and some can last for a lifetime, leading to substantial medical expenses and may leave the victim with significant financial harm.

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