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Settlement reached in Phoenix rear-end auto accident case

Rear end accidents occur often in the Valley of the Sun. Drivers and passengers struck from behind can suffer broken bones, back and neck injuries (whiplash), spinal cord injuries, severe head trauma, and sometimes death. Most crashes from the rear are caused by a driver failing to pay attention or following too close. Sometimes these accidents are caused by distracted drivers; people texting or talking on a cell phone, or even playing with the radio, eating or drinking.

A rear-end car accident victim can recover compensation for medical care, pain and suffering, bodily injury, and loss of income sustained from an accident. Sometimes insurance adjusters unfairly deny personal injury claims of accident victims who were struck from the rear, or an adjuster might make an low settlement offer, knowing that a person is not represented by counsel.

Recently our office reached a $35,000 settlement for a client who was rear-ended back in November of 2011. She was driving eastbound on Pecos Road in Phoenix and as she approached the intersection with S. 40th Street. The light was red and a car stopped in front of her. She brought her vehicle to a complete stop behind the other car.

At that time our client was hit from behind by another driver who failed to notice the red light and failed to notice traffic come to a stop. The defendant struck the rear of our client’s car with the front end of her vehicle. Our client was thrown forward in her seat and her car struck the vehicle in front of her.

The Phoenix Police Department responded to the crash. At the scene of the accident the defendant admitted she was at fault.

The plaintiff had a headache immediately after the accident, along with back and neck pain. Overnight and the next morning her pain intensified. Several days later she followed up with a physician.

At that time she complained of migraines, neck pain, back pain, nausea, and trouble concentrating. Her injuries were affecting her daily activities and her pain was made worse with sitting, movement, and working. She was diagnosed with migraines, cervical sprain/strain, thoracic and lumbar pain. A course of physical therapy was prescribed to eliminate her muscle spasms, increase her range of motion and return her to normal activities without pain.

The case settled without having to go to court, saving both sides the cost of litigation.

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