Shopper Dies After Car Crashes Into Convenience Store in Tucson

A 58-year-old woman was killed in Tucson on Sunday while shopping in a local 7-Eleven store. The woman was killed when a car that had been involved in an accident ran into the 7-Eleven and pushed a trash can into her.

The incident occurred near the intersection of East Speedway Boulevard and North Columbus Boulevard around 10:00 a.m. Police have stated that a 52-year-old driver of a Kia Sedona was traveling eastbound in rightmost lane of East Speedway when the traffic light for eastbound traffic was red. The driver allegedly failed to stop for the red light and entered the intersection with North Columbus, causing a collision with another vehicle. The driver of the Kia lost control of the vehicle and veered off the roadway to the right where the convenience store is located.

The driver of the Kia struck a cement trashcan outside of the 7-Eleven and then continued forward through the glass store front, actually entering the building with the vehicle. Police officers have stated that the cement trashcan was also pushed forward and that it struck a 58-year-old female who was inside the store at the time, seriously injuring her and leading to her death.

The driver of the Kia has been charged with one count of causing serious injury or death by a moving violation. That is a misdemeanor charge in Arizona with possible jail time if the driver is found guilty. It is not clear whether police are considering additional charges in this matter or what caused the driver to run the red light initially.

Separate from the traffic charge and the possibility of any additional traffic or criminal charges may be a civil suit brought against the driver by the family of the woman who was killed. In Arizona, the families of those who are killed by the negligence of another can bring a civil claim for their loss. This can include the loss of companionship and society they will experience, any financial losses incurred through the death, as well as compensation for the victim’s pain and suffering between the time of the accident and the time the victim died.



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