Single Car Accident in Glendale Injures Driver

Immediately following a car accident in Phoenix, it may be difficult to obtain a complete grasp on all the relevant details that went into the collision and led to the crash. It may take experts weeks to sort through the facts and to determine what led to an accident and whether mistakes or negligence played a role. In the cases where an action outside of one possessed by a driver – like a poorly manufactured tire, a defective design of a car, or a hazardous roadway – it may take even longer.

But victims of these collision often suffer injuries and they need immediate help. They may be forced to seek medical treatment at a hospital or with a physician without knowing if they are entitled to relief or whether anyone will be forced to compensate them for their suffering. Fortunately, though an investigation may take some time, victims often can obtain immediate answers about their civil rights in Arizona by speaking with a personal injury attorney who handles car accidents in the area.

The details surrounding a single-car accident in Glendale are still emerging at this time and authorities have not yet confirmed what caused the crash though they have stated that the incident took place near the intersection of 59th Avenue and Grovers Avenue on Wednesday morning and that only the driver of the car was inside the vehicle at the time.

For unknown reasons, the driver, an adult male, lost control of his vehicle and collided with a light pole near the intersection. Police suspect that a factor beyond the driver’s command may have contributed to the incident and they are reviewing all possible scenarios at this time.

Emergency crews transported the man to an area hospital for treatment of unspecified injuries that were described as critical.



There are laws in place in Phoenix that protect the rights of those who are hurt in automobile accidents, whether the victims are drivers or passengers, young or old. If you have been injured or if your loved one was killed, make sure your rights are protected by calling the personal injury attorneys at Abels & Annes, P.C. today.

At Abels & Annes, P.C., our firm only represents injured victims and we never represent insurance companies because we believe that the victims are the ones who need and who deserve help. We offer a free, no-obligation case consultation to those who call us toll free at (855) PHX-LAWYER or locally at (602) 819-5191 and we have an attorney standing by 24/7 to take your call.

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