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Smartphones Actually Reducing Risks of Teen Car Accidents in Phoenix and Elsewhere?

It’s a scary thought – letting your teen out on our roadways without a supervising driver. Luckily, there are monitoring tools that can help parents to keep an eye on their newly-licensed drivers, even when they’re not able to ride with them.

My Northwest recently reported about the Tiwi device, which is a device that can be installed in the windshield of your teen’s car. It knows where the car is, how fast it’s traveling and even the speed limit of the road it’s traveling on. This information is then passed on to the parents of these teen drivers, allowing them to keep an eye on their young driver’s habits behind the wheel and to help to reduce the risks of car accidents in Phoenix and elsewhere.The device also comes with a cellular modem and a GPS. This device is able to warn drivers about dangerous driving habits. If teens don’t listen to these warnings and they don’t shape up, then parents will be notified immediately.

Our Phoenix car accident lawyers understand that teen drivers face some of the highest risks for car accidents on our roadways. These drivers are not equipped with the same driving experience as you and me. When our teen’s graduate from the GDL program, it’s important to stay on top of their driving habits to help ensure a safe driving career. Luckily, these devices and cell phone apps can help to keep an eye on these drivers even when parents can’t be present in the car.

Like the Chicago Sun-Times reported, there are a number of smartphone apps that parents can use to keep an eye on their teen’s driving behavior.

iGuardianTeen: This app can monitor G-force readings in your kid’s vehicle, meaning if they’re taking turns too fast then parents will be notified. The app also allows parents to see into the vehicle when these G-forces are too high. Parents are notified immediately if the phone has been turned off or if the app has been terminated.

Speedbump: This app lets parents control the speed. Parents can set speed limits for different roadways in the area. When these speeds are exceeded, parents are notified. If the app is disabled, parents are also notified.

MobileTeen GPS: This device can notify parents about their teen’s whereabouts. These notifications can be sent every five minutes if the parents want. Parents can also set up unacceptable driving areas, which alerts parents in their teen is driving in places they’re not supposed to be.

Do these devices help keep teen drivers on the road to safer driving habits?

“‘Yes, they absolutely work,'” said Peter Kissinger, with the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.

Keep an eye on the teen driver in your life. Make sure that they know what is expected of them behind the wheel. Make sure they understand that driving is a responsibility and shouldn’t been taking lightly.

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