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Southbound Loop 101 between 90th Street and Chaparral Road Closed Today

Many people who live in the greater Scottsdale area drive in one part of the Valley on weekdays and other parts on the weekends. Regular routines including work, school, and errands may dominate the weekday schedules but things are more open on the weekends, allowing for some flexibility in scheduling and some impromptu fun. If you are one of those people, make sure you know that the southbound Loop 101 was closed this weekend and will remain closed through today between 90th Street and Chaparral Road.

The affected portion of the Pima Freeway is in Scottsdale and will be undergoing rubberized asphalt paving through the early morning hours today. Officials anticipate the full reopening of the area by late morning and are hoping for as little of an impact on rush hour traffic as possible. Yet to be safe, motorists are being encouraged to avoid the area and to look for alternative routes so that they will avoid the headache of possible congestion. Official detours are available by State Route 51 or Interstate 17.

Construction work often seems perpetual in Phoenix and the areas surrounding it. As the population continues to grow here, expansion projects are necessary as are renovation projects which keep our roadways, interstates, and freeways in optimal condition. As a result, all drivers in Maricopa County will do well to stay abreast of new construction projects and affected areas so that they can plan their trips with all relevant information.

Know that if you approach this portion of the Loop 101 or other similar construction zones, you will be required to follow all guide signs and/or any directions given to you by police officers in the area. This may force you to divert onto streets you do not prefer to use or may take you out of your way. Nonetheless, you should never ignore road closure signs or drive through restricted traffic areas as doing so could be hazardous to your safety and the safety of those in your vehicle – not to mention against the law.

Construction zones typically have reduced speed limits to protect the safety of the workers in the area and any traffic tickets a motorist gets may be increase if the ticket was issued for conduct in a construction zone. Your best bet in these areas is to slow down and obey all speed limit signs, be prepared to stop with little warning, and to be patient. Unfortunately, backups happen near construction sites and losing your patience will not help.

If another driver makes a mistake in a construction zone and causes a car accident, those who are hurt in the collision may possess the right to seek relief for their damages, including the medical expenses they incur, against those responsible for the crash. However, victims must act within a time period specified by law or their right to obtain compensation will be barred forever by statute.

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