Speed a Factor in Phoenix Car Crash

Speed is one of the biggest factors that lead to car accidents across the nation. By some expert estimates, speed is believed to be involved in approximately 50 percent of all collisions, and this includes those that happen in Phoenix and across Arizona. Many drivers who otherwise follow the rules are willing to speed even though they are not willing to drive distracted, ignore red lights, or follow a vehicle too closely. But in the end, speeding does its part to risk the safety of everyone on the road.

Speeding can lead to other dangerous factors like not leaving enough space to stop. Daily, the rush hour traffic in Phoenix experiences these types of collisions where a speeding driver gets caught in slowing traffic and does not have the ability to stop in time, leading to a rear-end crash. Though just slowing down a few miles an hour may prevent some of these accidents, a lot of drivers continue to speed while behind the wheel.

Speed becomes a serious factor when it is extreme and significantly in excess of the posted speed limit for an area. If early reports are true, that was the case early this morning in Phoenix and it led to a serious crash between an SUV and a car. Beginning around 2:00 a.m., police were informed of an SUV traveling in the area of 51st Avenue and Bell Road that motorists believed was speeding excessively. Officers were looking for the SUV when it was spotted in the area. A police officer reportedly witnessed the SUV run a red light at the intersection and strike a passenger car. The officer believed the SUV was traveling at approximately 80 miles per hour, far in excess of the speed allowed in the area.

The crash left both drivers seriously injured and in need of emergency medical treatment. Both individuals were transported to area hospitals with the driver of the SUV in serious condition and the driver of the car in extremely serious condition. It is not clear whether the driver of the car will survive.

The area surrounding the crash was closed for several hours as police began an initial investigation into the incident. Their investigation is ongoing and they are currently attempting to determine why the SUV was traveling as fast as reported by witnesses. It is unknown whether any traffic citations have been or will be issued to either driver.



Anytime a car accident occurs and a victim is injured in the crash, the victim may be entitled to seek relief for his or her injuries through a civil claim. These claims are separate and distinct from any charges brought by the State of Arizona and can be available even if no one was ticketed in an accident. Speaking with an injury lawyer is the best way to learn about your options following a car accident that left you hurt.

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