Suspected Drunk Driver Had 6-Year-Old Passenger in Truck

Phoenix has strict laws against drinking and driving and strongly enforces those laws in an effort to keep the roads as safe as possible. Local police and injury lawyers understand that even one drunk driver poses a serious safety threat to everyone on the road as well as those near the area, like young children and pedestrians walking on sidewalks. Alcohol lowers a driver’s ability to respond quickly and to make judgment decisions, increasing the odds that a drunk driver will be involved in a collision.

Most drivers understand the risks associated with drunk driving and choose never to drive drunk as a result. But a small number of drivers choose to ignore the risks or do not believe that drunk driving poses a threat and those drivers may choose to operate a car while intoxicated.

More terrible than just driving while drunk may be what police have reported out of Yavapai County recently. According to authorities, a male Cottonwood resident was operating a pickup truck under the influence of alcohol and was swerving in and out of lanes on the highway, speeding at least 15 miles an hour over the speed limit. Police noticed the erratic behavior of the driver and attempted to make a traffic stop but the driver of the truck reportedly refused to stop. Police later found the truck after it had crashed into a barricade marking a closed road on the Yavapai-Apache Reservation.

When questioned, the man reportedly denied driving the truck but authorities have reported that a convenience store’s security camera caught footage of the man as he got into the truck shortly before the incident occurred. Authorities have also reported that a 6-year-old child was a passenger in the truck at the time of the attempted traffic stop. It is not clear yet whether the child was related to the driver or whether the child was in the truck at the time of the crash.



There is never a good reason to operate a car when you are under the influence of alcohol as it puts the safety of everyone at risk. Even worse, though, may be driving drunk with a young child in the car when the driver is supposed to be caring for the child.

If a drunk driver causes an accident that leaves you or your family member with injuries, the laws in Phoenix may entitle you to bring a claim for your damages. The claim may provide you with the ability to obtain needed payment to cover your medical bills or to replace earnings you missed while you had to take time off work. To learn if you have a claim, contact an injury lawyer now to discuss your accident and your injuries.

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