SUV Strikes Husband and Wife while they Walked to Volunteer

A crosswalk is an area for pedestrians to cross a street or other path generally used by vehicles. When they are in a crosswalk, pedestrians generally have the right-of-way, meaning that vehicles in the area must yield to the pedestrians and wait until they have cleared the area before the vehicle can proceed. Failing to adhere to this right-of-way can lead to collisions between vehicles and people and almost always leads to injuries among those pedestrians who are hit. When compared to the size and weight of a car, a pedestrian does not stand much of a chance in a collision.

There are times where a pedestrian may not have the right-of-way in a crosswalk and may have to yield to a vehicle. Many of these situations occur at intersections controlled by both traffic lights and pedestrian lights. In those cases, pedestrians are only authorized to cross when the pedestrian light indicates it is safe to do so. Crossing at any other time may violate a vehicle’s right-of-way.

Though it is possible for a pedestrian to be at-fault for a crash with a vehicle, in the majority of accidents, the driver of the vehicle is the one to properly blame. Drivers who are distracted or who otherwise fail to pay attention to the road and to traffic may not notice a pedestrian or may fail to yield, potentially causing a crash. When a driver is negligence and an accident occurs, any pedestrian injured in that crash may be entitled to seek financial relief for the damages they incurred. Speaking with an injury lawyer who handles cases involving pedestrian accidents is the best way to understand whether you are entitled to compensation.

Police in Gilbert have reported a tragic accident involving two pedestrians and an SUV that occurred on Saturday evening. Reportedly, a husband and wife were walking in a pedestrian crosswalk on their way to volunteer as tour guides at the new temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on South Greenfield Road. An SUV in the area reportedly collided with the couple while they were within the crosswalk and drove over the woman, trapping her underneath. Her husband and several passersby in the area picked up the SUV and removed it from the woman, freeing her body so that she could be transported to an area hospital. As of Sunday evening, the woman’s condition remained critical and it was not clear whether she would survive.

Police have not yet determined why the SUV and the pedestrians collided and whether negligence or impairment played a factor in the crash but they are continuing to investigate all possible scenarios.

The area surrounding the temple has been busy with pedestrians and vehicular traffic lately as the temple has been open for visitors as part of an open house with some touring permitted through mid-February.

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