T-Bone Crash Kills 2 in Phoenix

T-bone car accidents pose an unusual risk to the drivers and passengers involved in them in Phoenix. While risks from any collision can be similar, some are more dangerous than others and some have a greater risk of creating serious harm. Among those threatening crashes are T-bone collisions which usually occur at a high rate of speed and most often take place at an intersection.

Some collisions allow the people involved a short moment’s warning before an impact happens. During this time, a driver may be able to attempt evasive action which could lessen the blow or possibly reduce the damage done during impact. Yet in the case of a T-bone crash, an innocent driver may never see an oncoming and threatening vehicle until the accident takes place and at best, may only have an opportunity to see the vehicle half of the time.

In a typical T-bone collision, one vehicle enters an intersection with the right-of-way. A vehicle traveling on a separate road approaches the intersection simultaneously, fails to yield the right-of-way of the first car, and causes an impact involving the front end of the second vehicle and the side of the first. These accidents happen whether a first car is driving straight through an intersection or waiting patiently to turn left.

T-bone car accidents enact a serious financial and physical toll on the Phoenix community and the victims involved. While the damage done cannot be erased overnight and those hurt put back to their rightful positions, victims are protected by laws in Arizona that can make it possible to make a financial recovery. Claims can be brought against a driver who caused a car accident, a company that is responsible, and often an insurance company that provides coverage to an at-fault driver and these claims can let victims get the monetary relief they need and deserve. If you have questions regarding your accident or a collision that harmed your loved one, speaking with a personal injury lawyer in the Valley may shed light on your situation.

Police in Phoenix confirmed a tragic T-bone car accident that happened on Sunday and that claimed the lives of two adults. An additional adult and two children were seriously injured in that crash.

At this time, authorities believe that one vehicle was in the intersection at East Broadway Road and South 16th Street around 11:00 a.m. when a second car ran a red light and entered the intersection, striking the first vehicle and pushing both cars off of the roadway. Four people were in the first vehicle and a 35-year-old woman lost her life due to the crash. A 30-year-old man and two young children were seriously injured in the incident and transported to an area hospital where they are expected to survive.

The driver of the second car, a 50-year-old man, initially survived the collision but died shortly thereafter while at an area hospital. It is not yet clear what caused that man to enter the intersection and whether any factors beyond his control played a role.



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