Teen Drowns in Glendale Apartment Pool

During an average summer in Arizona, multiple children drown in swimming pool accidents, and many more suffer injuries in the water. In many cases, a swimming pool may not be adequately secured, allowing unauthorized access to the water and drawing in children who want to cool off from the heat. In other cases, the pool may be designed in an unsafe manner, leading to an unreasonable risk of drowning to all those using the pool. And yet in still other cases, inadequate supervision leads to children entering the water and unable to get out on their own.

When a child is injured in a pool incident, it may be difficult to know where to turn for help. A personal injury attorney in Phoenix who has experience representing those who have been injured or killed in a swimming pool may be able to help you understand your family’s legal options, including whether a civil claim for damages is available. If a claim is possible, your child may be able to recover compensation for medical expenses incurred, pain and suffering, and even future damages if they exist. In the most tragic cases where a child loses his or her life, the child’s parent or parents may have a claim for their damages, even though no amount of compensation can ever be adequate when a child is killed.

Firefighters in Glendale were called to an apartment complex on Monday night in the area of 59th Avenue and Beardsley after teens reported that someone was unresponsive. When they arrived, officials found that a 16-year-old male had been swimming with some friends in a pool on the apartment’s premises when the teen went underwater and did not resurface. Reportedly, the teen’s friends pulled the teen from the pool and performed CPR until paramedics arrived but the injuries were too severe and the teen was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

Officials are still trying to determine the factors that led to the teen’s drowning.

When an accident leaves a child injured or killed, the impact stretches far beyond the child and can be felt by the child’s family members, friends, and classmates. Damages caused by a near drowning can last a lifetime and can leave a child in need of constant medical help, including nursing care. The financial damages can be extensive.

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