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Tucson Teen Dies In Car Crash

Arizona has some of the strictest laws in the nation when it comes to prohibitions against drunk or impaired driving and the fines and penalties that follow violators are severe. Yet weekly, Arizona drivers cause car accidents because they are drunk or under the influence of another intoxicating substance like drugs or pharmaceuticals.

Drunk drivers span all age ranges and demographics and are much more likely to cause injuries or death in a car crash than others because impaired drivers are more reckless and less cautious than others on the road. Personal injury lawyers know how devastating these accidents can be and it is more distressing since no drunk driving crash need happen; if citizens choose another means of transportation, all drunk driving accidents could be prevented.

As drivers continue to operate their vehicles in reckless conditions, innocent victims will continue to sustain injuries and will be left to wonder how they will pay for their medical bills. Fortunately Arizona law provides injury victims with the means to obtain a financial recovery for their losses in the event of an automobile collision either by collecting against an at-fault driver or by making a claim against their own insurance, depending on the facts of the specific accident.

This important right of victims should not be overlooked as accidents continue daily, like a Saturday morning car crash that claimed a teenager’s life in Tucson. While police are still investigating, it appears that a 20-year-old driver was impaired by alcohol and/or drugs when he struck a median multiple times on West Valencia Road, ejecting a 19-year-old male and causing his death.

In addition to the driver and the young man who was killed, three others were in the vehicle and all sustained injuries that required medical treatment at area hospitals. Authorities anticipate issuing charges against the driver of the vehicle for his role in the accident that led to his passenger’s death as well as the injuries of the others in his car.



The victims of drunk driving crashes often are entitled to financial compensation for their losses including any wages they are unable to earn while they recovery from their injuries. Families of a victim who is killed in a crash may also be entitled to bring a claim for their losses including their inability to spend time with their loved one as a result of a drunk driver’s negligence.

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