Two Riders Hurt in Motorcycle Accident

In the media and in movies, traffic accidents are often depicted as a cut-and-dry situation where one driver made one mistake. In reality, things tend to be more complicated as multiple factors usually combine to cause a collision, and in some cases, multiple drivers may have played a role in the crash.

This holds true not just for car accident but also for motorcycle collisions, a dangerous type of traffic crash that often results in serious injuries. Whether just one bike is involved or it is a crash with a bike and another vehicle, it can be complicated to sort through the details and determine the full extent of the fallout from a collision. If you have been hurt, speaking with a personal injury lawyer may help you understand what your accident means in light of local and state laws and whether you have a valid claim for your injuries.

Police in the Scottsdale area have confirmed that a motorcycle accident occurred on Wednesday night and that two men were seriously injured as a result. At this time, officials have stated that both men were on a motorcycle traveling on Shea Boulevard near 104th Street. While attempting a left turn, police believe that the motorcycle collided with a median, causing a crash that ejected both riders and led to them landing on the ground.

Both men, whose names and ages are not clear at this time, sustained significant injuries and were transported to area hospitals by emergency crews. The nature and extent of their injuries is not clear at this time.



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