University of Arizona Football Player Arrested for DUI

If you are a driver in Phoenix or in Arizona, you should know that it is against the law to drive while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other intoxicating substance. Doing so may lead to a traffic citation or a criminal charge that can result in anything from fines and fees to the loss of a driver’s license to incarceration in jail or prison.

Potential punishments become more severe if a driver under the influence causes a collision, and the penalties may increase again if someone involved in that crash is injured. Drunk driving accidents cause Arizona residents millions of dollars in damages every year and cause victims to incur medical expenses. These losses are unnecessary and can always be prevented by drivers who choose to use a designated driver, take a cab, or otherwise refrain from drinking and driving. Once a collision happens, though, victims may not know where to turn or how to get the help they deserve. Under Arizona laws, relief may be possible, so those victims who have been hurt should consider speaking with a personal injury lawyer to learn about their rights.

The University of Arizona has confirmed that one of its football team members was arrested on Saturday for driving under the influence and for possession of marijuana. The student athlete was pulled over after making a wide right turn near the intersection of Third Street and Campbell Avenue in Tucson. After the player stopped his vehicle, the responding officer allegedly noticed a strong smell of marijuana emanating from the vehicle, prompting the officer to ask the student when he last smoked. Allegedly, the athlete replied that he smoked marijuana approximately one hour prior to the traffic stop.

Authorities claimed that marijuana was thrown from the vehicle during the stop, leading to the arrest of the student-athlete, who now faces charges of DUI and possession of a controlled substance. In response, the head coach for the University of Arizona’s football team has confirmed that the athlete in question will not start Friday’s Pac-12 championship game and that further, internal discipline may be possible. Additional reports indicate that the athlete may not have been driving on a valid license at the time of the arrest, and that charges could issue regarding that violation as well.



Fortunately, in this incident, a collision never occurred and no one was injured. Yet in a large number of drunk driving episodes, injuries result and often plague innocent victims, whether they are in the same car as the drunk driver or in another vehicle.

The personal injury lawyers at Abels & Annes, P.C. believe that drunk drivers should be held liable for all of the injuries they cause, including the medical expenses that victims must bear. To make that possible, we offer a free case consultation to all those who have been hurt due to the actions of an impaired driver in Arizona and we keep a lawyer standing by 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If a traffic accident has left you injured or has hurt your loved one, do not continue to suffer. Call Abels & Annes, P.C. today and let us fight for the relief you deserve.

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