What to Do when You Are the Victim of an Uber Car Accident

Uber is becoming a more and more popular means of transportation in Maricopa County, including in the city of Phoenix and the areas that surround it. Uber, a ride share service where a private driver picks up a passenger based on the passenger’s request through an app, lets people get from one place to another without worrying about where they will park, whether they have enough gas, or even if they know the best route to take to their destination.

While Uber offers a lot of benefits, it also poses a number of threats to its passengers who may or may not consider their own safety before they enter a car. Uber vehicles are involved in an increasingly large number of car accidents every year and passengers are being seriously hurt in a number of those collisions.

If you use Uber, hopefully your experience will be accident-free and you will never have to learn about the legal process that accompanies these crashes. But if you are unlucky and you are involved in a crash, keep the following in mind:

  • Cooperate with Local Law Enforcement Officials: No matter how the collision happened or who was responsible, an Uber car accident is not your fault if you are riding as a passenger. It is in your best interest to make sure the accident is properly reported to the relevant law enforcement officials in the area and to cooperate with those officials as they conduct their investigation. When speaking with an officer, give an accurate recount of the series of events that led to and followed the collision. If you cannot remember a particular detail or are unsure of the question, honestly state so to ensure the office is not misled by your story. If the officer needs to speak with you again in follow up, do your best to make yourself available by telephone or in person so that the officer can get as much information as she needs to perform her job.
  • Seek Medical Help: A collision often sends a victim into an adrenaline rush, potentially masking any harm or injuries that victim may have suffered. If you believe you may have been injured or if you are sure you are hurt, go get medical help as soon as possible. Ignoring your symptoms or hoping they will go away on their own is not wise after a collision as injuries may worsen with time. Further, a delay in medical help may make it more difficult to treat your injuries and may force you to undergo a longer regime of treatment while enduring more pain and inconvenience than you otherwise would have suffered.
  • Evaluate Your Options: Victims who are hurt in Uber car accidents in Arizona have the same rights as victims of private car accidents. If you were injured, you may be entitled to seek relief for your damages including any medical expenses and pain and suffering you incur. You can bring a claim and may do so with the help of a personal injury lawyer if you choose to, allowing you to recover financially from the accident.
  • Act Timely: Though it may be your right to seek relief, you have to do so within a time period specified by law or your claim will be barred. Known as the statute of limitations, this time frame can vary somewhat depending on who was involved in the accident and the particular facts of the crash. Speaking with a knowledgeable and experienced representative can help ensure you act in an appropriate and timely manner.

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