Woman Arrested in Suspected DUI Accident that Killed Daughter, Injured Son

When a motorist choose to drink and drive or to drive under the influence of drugs, anyone can suffer the consequences of that one decision. The driver may be injured personally, those in the same vehicle may be hurt, or those in other cars may be injured if a collision occurs. Unfortunately, even pedestrians, bicyclists, or motorcyclists in the area may suffer in a Phoenix drunk driving accident because they were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The devastation that may result from a DUI crash in Arizona cannot be overstated. In addition to the damage done to the vehicles involved, victims may suffer from personal injuries that range from minor to severe or even permanent. In the worst collisions, a victim may lose his or her life and that victim’s family may be left behind to suffer the loss forever. While nothing can turn back time and prevent these accidents once they take place, victims may be entitled to seek financial compensation for their losses against a drunk driver, the owner of a vehicle, a company, a city, or even the victim’s own insurance company. If you have been hurt or if your loved one has been injured, you may better understand your options by speaking with a personal injury attorney in Phoenix who has experience helping the victims of car accidents.

Earlier in January, a fatal accident occurred on I-10 near Marana that left one person dead and two people seriously injured. Now, local authorities have alleged that the 36-year-old woman behind the wheel at the time was impaired and is now facing criminal charges.

The crash involved one vehicle leaving the surface of I-10 and rolling over, according to authorities who responded to the scene. Three people were inside and all were hurt. Emergency crews were able to remove the victims and assess them for injuries before transporting them to area hospitals. Though physicians tended to a 16-year-old female, the girl’s injuries were critical and she died as a result of the crash. An 18-year-old male was critically injured but survived and the driver was listed in serious condition following the crash.

In addition to reporting the suspected intoxication of the driver, local authorities have also stated that the woman behind the wheel was the mother of both the 16-year-old female and 18-year-old male who were in the car at the time. Due to the female’s death, the driver is now facing one count of second degree murder and may face additional charges when the investigation is completed and the results of any toxicity screens are confirmed.



Impairment is a serious issue on Phoenix roads, highways, and expressways and it is the reason that numerous people lose their lives every year. If a drunk driving accident or an impaired driving crash has had affected your life, make sure you know what laws may provide you protection and whether you may be entitled to compensation.

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