Wrong Way Car Accident in Arizona Turns Fatal, Causes Additional Fatal Pileup

In the last two years, it seems that Arizona has experienced more than its fair share of wrong-way car accidents. The majority of these collisions have occurred on highways and expressways as well as other heavily-traveled areas, leading to accidents that too often proved to be fatal. Not only is a driver who operates in the wrong direction in danger of harm should a crash happen but any passengers in that vehicle as well as those in another car are also at risk.

The reasons behind these car accidents have been varied though some continuity exists among the majority. In some instances, a driver later claimed that he or she was confused about the layout of a road, leading to the driver operating in the wrong direction. But lately, many collisions that involve a wrong-way operator have been allegedly caused by intoxication – either alcohol or drugs. Some of those drivers have been so impaired that they did not realize they were traveling in the wrong direction or that they were risking a collision by driving against traffic. And yet in other instances, it remains unclear why a driver operated a car improperly and it can be difficult for experts to determine what went wrong.

In an ideal world, no one would suffer due to the actions of another, but unfortunately, reality is not like that in the greater Phoenix area. Here, victims of traffic accidents routinely endure pain, suffering, injuries, and financial hardship due to another’s conduct and they are left wondering why they must experience such misfortune. While nothing can undue the actions of a negligent driver once a collision occurs, a victim can obtain relief and help through the use of a civil claim for damages when that crash happens in Arizona. These claims are separate from any criminal or traffic charges that may be brought against the driver and the goal of the claims is to provide financial payment to those who are hurt. If you have been injured, it is your right to seek relief and speaking with a Phoenix personal injury attorney may help you realize what options you possess.

Officers near Quartzsite are still sorting through the details of two related collisions that both proved deadly between Friday and Saturday and have not yet made final conclusions regarding the incidents. At this time, authorities have confirmed that the first crash involved a wrong way driver who was operating westbound in the eastbound lanes of I-10 struck another vehicle in a head-on collision near milepost 63. That crash involved an addition two or three vehicles and claimed the life of one woman. At least eight other people were injured and were in need of medical treatment.

While authorities investigated at the site and cleared debris, traffic backed up in the area and led to congestion. In the early morning hours on Saturday, a semi-truck approaching the area failed to slow down for the stopped traffic and rear-ended a second truck, killing the driver of the first rig and causing a chain reaction collision that involved at least two other semis.



Traffic accidents like those that occurred on I-10 illustrate that anyone can be involved in a collision at any time, even if a driver is doing nothing wrong. When tragedy strikes, make sure you protect yourself and your family by contacting a personal injury lawyer like those at Abels & Annes, P.C.

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