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January 30, 2015

Drunk Driving Accidents Likely on Super Bowl Sunday

13015%283%29.jpgIn two days, people of Phoenix will awake to the promise of a Super Bowl in their backyards. From the epic food spreads to the time spent with friends, many will partake in game day activities even if they will not be watching the game in person at the University of Phoenix Stadium. While most of these celebrations will be harmless and will involve responsible adults, statistics indicate that some adults will choose to drink and drive, making the roads in Arizona hazardous for all those in the area.

Across the nation, incidents of drinking and driving have been significantly elevated in recent years on Super Bowl Sunday when compared to a normal Sunday in January or February. For instance, California has reported an increase in fatal alcohol-related accidents over the last five years on Super Bowl Sunday. This happened even when California did not host the Super Bowl and its citizens were watching the coverage at their homes or at local bars and restaurants.

Officials in Arizona believe this trend will continue in Glendale and in Phoenix and may be even worse as those attending the Super Bowl may also drink and drive. In addition, authorities are considering the nature of Phoenix-area traffic congestion and standard traffic patterns and believe that a large number of cars on area expressways combined with the potential for drunk driving accidents may prove deadly.

Police in Arizona are urging all those in the state to refrain from drinking and driving this Sunday just like they should every day of the year. Instead, adults who want to consume alcohol are encouraged to designate a driver, take public transportation, or consider using a taxi cab to get around the Valley or to get home from the game.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ("NHTSA") encourages those who will be hosting a Super Bowl party to be on the alert for the safety of their guests and to discourage drinking and driving whenever possible. NHTSA suggests taking car keys away from any guest who has had too much to drink or offering to let intoxicated guests remain at your home until they can safety leave with the help of a sober driver or by an alternative means of transit.

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January 29, 2015

Pedestrian Safety Tips for Super Bowl XLIX

12915.jpgSunday will mark the third time that the State of Arizona has hosted the Super Bowl, the biggest sporting event in the country each year and a spectacle that is believed to draw thousands of tourists to the state. This year's contest will take place at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, the same location as 2008's Super Bowl XLII and not too far from Sun Devil Stadium, home of 1996's Super Bowl XXX. While officials with the NFL and the University of Phoenix Stadium have been preparing for Sunday's game for months, most of those who call the greater Phoenix area home are probably only now starting to think about the impact that the event may have on their personal lives this weekend.

In addition to the normal traffic congestion that plagues the Phoenix area, extra traffic has descended on the Valley as tourists, athletes, and family members come to Arizona in anticipation of the game. This traffic is starting to combine with media outposts and restricted areas around the stadium and starting to make it difficult to travel, regardless of whether you intend to walk or drive. Before the Super Bowl begins, the personal injury lawyers at Abels & Annes, P.C. encourage you to think about your options if you will be a pedestrian and consider the following ideas and tips to limit the odds of a pedestrian accident from occurring:

- Plan Ahead: Whether you live in Arizona or you are simply visiting for the game, think about your travel plans before you leave home. Plan where you want to park, if necessary, and where you will walk when approaching the stadium. You may wish to consider your plans after the game ends as well as traffic is expected to be congested and slow in Glendale for much of Sunday night.

- Watch for Inattentive Motorists: Ideally, when a driver in the Phoenix area operates his or her vehicle, that driver's attention would be focused entirely upon the road and on the changing traffic conditions ahead. In actuality, many motorists are distracted or otherwise inattentive to that which surrounds them and they are more likely to be involved in a collision as a result. Even if you have the right-of-way at a crossing or an intersection, be mindful that drivers may not look or see you if you are walking and be prepared for drivers to act dangerously. Take evasive action if needed to prevent yourself from becoming the next victim of a pedestrian accident in Phoenix.

- Be Aware of Road and Lot Closures: If you have attended Arizona Cardinals games in the past and you feel confident about your ability to navigate the area surrounding the University of Phoenix Stadium, take note that the grandeur nature of the Super Bowl means the layout of several lots may be altered and that some road and lot closures may affect your ability to get to the stadium. For example, NFL officials have confirmed that 95th Avenue will be closed between the Red Lot and entry into the Orange Lot and that Maryland Avenue will be closed between Sunrise Boulevard and 95th Avenue.

- Wear Reflective Clothing: The Super Bowl will end in the dark hours of Sunday night and thousands of pedestrians will attempt to leave the area simultaneous. While it is the duty of every driver to look for and notice pedestrians, some may find it difficult due to the darkness and others may be in too much of a rush to think safety. To increase your visibility at night, consider wearing bright, reflective colors that will catch passing light and will enable drivers to see you and your family as you walk in Glendale.

- Stick to Designated Walking Areas: You may find yourself in a position to save time by jaywalking or crossing at an area other than a designated pedestrian pathway. Avoid this temptation as it significantly increases your risk of being involved in a pedestrian crash and may cause you injuries if an accident takes place.

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January 28, 2015

5 Injured, Including Child, in Possible Drunk Driving Crash on U.S. 93

12815.jpgAccording to the Centers for Disease Control, approximately 30 people die every day in drunk driving accidents across the country. Of all the fatal traffic accidents that happened in 2012 alone, nearly 1/3 of them (31 percent) were due to impairment by alcohol. Simply eliminating drinking and driving would have saved more than 10,000 lives in 2012 and would have prevented hundreds of thousands of additional injuries.

Drunk driving does not have to occur and happens only because drivers make the affirmative choice to get behind the wheel after they have been drinking, despite the fact that drinking and driving is both illegal and incredibly dangerous. The laws in Phoenix and in Arizona give testament to this as they treat drinking and driving very seriously with many of those who are found guilty of the crime facing fines, fees, other court penalties, community service, or incarceration in jail or prison. Unlike many other areas of the country, drunk drivers may find themselves sentenced to a term in Tent City, the highly-publicized and often criticized jail in Maricopa County established in 1993.

But the criminal or traffic charges resulting from a collision are far from the only penalties that may face a drunk driver. Additionally, the victims of these accidents or their surviving family members may be entitled to seek financial compensation for their losses through the use of a civil claim for damages. In addition to medical bills and pain and suffering, relief may be possible to provide compensation for things like lost wages, loss of a normal life, or even the permanency of any injuries that are caused by a crash. Speaking with a lawyer in Phoenix who handles personal injury claims may help you understand your rights if you have been hurt or if you have questions about the legal process in Arizona.

Now, attention is being directed towards a collision that happened this weekend on U.S. 93 and may have caused a young boy permanent damages. On Saturday evening, two cars collided on U.S. 93 near mileposts 68 and 69 in Kingman and sent four adults and a young child to area hospitals. Witnesses stated that one of the vehicles reportedly was driving the wrong way on U.S. 93 and that the vehicle collided head-on with the second car, causing massive damage and leaving both cars destroyed. Emergency crews responded to the scene and helped the driver of the suspected at-fault vehicle as well as three adults in the second vehicle. However the first victim to be assessed was a small child, reportedly a three-year-old boy, who was in the backseat of the second vehicle.

Though the child was the first victim taken to an area hospital, reports by his family indicate that his injuries are severe and that he is now paralyzed from the waist down in addition to sustaining a serious gash across his head and other injuries. Posts on Facebook and other social media sites about the boy have gone viral and have led to more than 270,000 shares and reposts about the boy's condition and the dangers of driving while drunk. Currently, two accounts have been set up by the boy's family to help fund the medical care he needs.

Authorities are still investigating this accident and reviewing the facts involved but there are indications that the reported wrong-way driver was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crash. If that is the case, charges may be issued against the driver, who is expected to recover from his injuries. The other adult victims are also expected to recover but it is not clear whether any will have lasting damage.

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January 26, 2015

5 Car Crash Turned Fatal on I-10

12615%282%29.jpgCar accidents can involve anything from one to dozens or even hundreds of cars, trucks, and vans and can range from the minor to the critical. With thousands of variations in the factors that can lead to an impact, it can be difficult for a motorist to anticipate or even try to prevent all crashes. The truth is that many collisions are unavoidable for victims of those accidents or those who do nothing wrong other than occupy the wrong space at the wrong time, but this does not mean that the collisions must happen. Rather, the onus is on the part of a negligent or reckless driver to operate in a safe and secure manner, preventing dangerous conditions that may lead to an impact and eliminating the threats posed to those drivers who act reasonably.

While factors of a crash can vary, the chances of injuries resulting will increase with a greater number of potential victims involved. This means that as the number of cars in an accident increase, the likelihood in injuries resulting increases as well. It also means that multi-passenger vehicles like buses or vans run a risk of having additional victims when compared to a passenger car. When you are involved in a crash and you are injured, you may be entitled to financial compensation if that crash happens in the greater Phoenix area. A recovery can enable you to move beyond your accident and to move forward with your life by providing you the financial means necessary to get the medical help you need as well as providing compensation for other losses like pain and suffering and missed wages. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer can help you understand your options if an accident has affected your life.

A five car collision left multiple lanes of I-10 closed on Saturday night and claimed the life of at least one victim involved. According to police, the incident occurred on westbound I-10 near 16th Street in Phoenix and prompted a response by multiple ambulances and emergency personnel. One victim was pronounced dead at the scene and at least two other people had to be taken to area hospitals. Several others on the scene refused treatment.

At least one victim, described as an 85-year-old man, needed to be removed from his vehicle by responders and was unconscious at the scene.

Police are still reviewing the collision and trying to determine what led to the crash, including whether any of the drivers involved were responsible. The review began initially at the scene but was continued off scene by the time the vehicles and debris were removed late Saturday.

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January 24, 2015

Cargos de homicidio involuntario se sospecha en Choque por conducir Intoxicado

12215%282%29.jpgCuando un accidente de tráfico se lleva a cabo en Phoenix, las consecuencias de la colisión no terminan en el momento que los carros han dejado de girar. En su lugar, mientras que una colisión toma apenas unos instantes, se desencadena una serie de eventos que pueden durar horas, días, semanas o incluso años. En muchos de los casos, se le avisa a la policía cuando un accidente ocurre y ellos responden a la escena. Los equipos médicos de emergencia también pueden llegar si se sospecha lesiones o si lesiones son confirmadas o si se cree que el accidente sea significativo.

La mayoría de las colisiones activan una investigación en la escena, que incluirá un oficial entrevistando a los que estuvieron involucrados en el accidente, así como a los testigos disponibles. El accidente puede ser evaluado y oficiales intentarán de determinar qué factores condujeron al choque y si alguien involucrado erró antes del impacto, que podría dar lugar a la emisión de multas de tráfico o cargos criminales. Vehículos necesitarán ser reparados o reemplazados y las víctimas de la colisión tendrán que tratar con algunos inconveniencias. Cuando resultan lesiones, las víctimas podrán necesitar ayuda médica en un hospital, podrán necesitar atención de seguimiento, o podrán necesitar otro tipo de asistencia como rehabilitación y terapia ocupacional.

Las consecuencias de una colisión duran mucho más largo que el propio accidente y los conductores que tuvieron la culpa a menudo no consideran esto en los momentos que siguen después un accidente. Sin embargo, la responsabilidad por estos accidentes puede extender desde una multa de tráfico a un tribunal penal e incluso a la responsabilidad financiera de las heridas sufridas por las víctimas. Esta última parte- responsabilidad financiera - puede ser asombroso que incluso una simple colisión, de baja velocidad puede producir lesiones devastadoras.

Las leyes están en el lado de las víctimas a la hora de ayuda y de alivio después del accidente y pueden dar derecho a las víctimas de accidentes de carro de obtener una compensación financiera por sus pérdidas. Hablando con un abogado de lesiones personales en el área de Phoenix puede ayudarle darse cuenta de cuales ayudas están disponibles para usted si usted ha sido herido o si su ser querido murió en un choque.

La policía de Phoenix ha dado nueva información sobre un accidente de carro el 08 de enero 2015 que dejó a un muerto y un segundo herido. El accidente ocurrió cerca de la Avenida 35 y Greenway Road en Phoenix e implico a un vehículo sospechoso de exceso de velocidad que se pasó una luz roja, provocando una colisión con un segundo carro en el área. La policía ahora ha declarado que el conductor que se sospecha que fue culpable estaba bajo la influencia de medicamentos de dolor en el momento del impacto y que era conocido por los bomberos en el área como un usuario de opiáceos.

El conductor culpable resultó herido y el conductor del otro vehículo perdió la vida el día después de la colisión debido a las lesiones que sufrió. Ahora, el conductor que se sospecha que tuvo la culpa se enfrenta a cargos por homicidio y los cargos relacionados con la alta velocidad por el accidente.

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January 23, 2015

Consejos de Seguridad por el Pro Bowl de la NFL en Arizona

12315.jpgSi usted es un fan de fútbol de la NFL o si usted llama a la mayor área de Phoenix casa, es probable que usted ya sepa que el Estadio de la Universidad de Phoenix, casa de los Cardenales de Arizona, será el anfitrión del Super Bowl este año. Pero es posible que no se dé cuenta de que, por segundo año consecutivo, el NFL Pro Bowl se llevará a cabo en la misma ubicación que el Super Bowl y ocurrirá una semana antes que el partido más importante de la temporada.

Esto significa que el domingo, decenas de miles de aficionados, descenderán en el área de Glendale para llenar el estadio de la Universidad de Phoenix y para apoyar a algunos de los jugadores más populares desde el 26 de los 32 equipos del NFL. En adición a los que estarán mirando el juego en persona, muchos más estarán participando en las barras y restaurantes en el área, en las casas de amigos o con la familia cuando comiencen la cuenta regresiva para el Super Bowl.

Ya sea que usted este en Glendale o cerca del estadio este fin de semana, los efectos del Pro Bowl pueden impactar lo a usted y su viaje por el área de Phoenix. Para estar lo más seguro posible, los abogados de lesiones personales en Abels y Annes, PC sugerimos que mantengan los siguientes consejos:

- Incluyan tiempo extra para viajar: Las autoridades de Glendale y oficiales del NFL han confirmado una mayor presencia alrededor del estadio y como resultado van a tomar medidas de seguridad adicionales. Estos variarán a partir de los procedimientos típicos durante los partidos de los cardenales en casa los aficionados deben de estar conscientes de que algunas áreas de estacionamiento, lotes, y puntos de acceso se cerrarán. Si piensa ir al juego, planifique la ruta antes de tiempo y considere salir antes de lo previsto en caso de que tenga problema llegando al estadio.

- Esté atento a los peatones cuando este conduciendo: Muchas personas que viajan al juego a veces no están familiarizados con el área y no están acostumbrados a las calles y pasos de peatones presentes en Glendale. Esté alerto por los peatones en todos momentos, mientras que detrás del volante y asegúrese de que usted anticipe su presencia si usted va a conducir este fin de semana.

- No beba y no conduzca: Para algunos, el fútbol y el alcohol van de la mano en mano como una manera de disfrutar el juego como el Pro Bowl. Pero si va a estar bebiendo, por favor recuerde las leyes que se aplican en Arizona y no conduzca. Cualquier persona bajo la influencia de alcohol mientras conduce un vehículo de motor puede enfrentar cargos graves que pueden resultar en multas, honorarios, servicios de comunidad, la pérdida de la licencia de conducir, o encarcelamiento en la cárcel o prisión. Además, si un conductor ebrio provoca un accidente de carro, el conductor puede ser financieramente responsable por cualquier y todas las lesiones y daños que resultan de una víctima que incluyen gastos médicos, salarios perdidos, dolor y sufrimiento. En vez de conducir alterada, por favor, tenga un conductor designado, tome un taxi, o considere otra forma de transporte si va a estar celebrando con alcohol este fin de semana.

- Use el sentido común:: Glendale puede estar lleno de gente y caótico este fin de semana así que si las cosas parecen inciertas, use el sentido común y recuerde que la seguridad es primero. Cede el derecho de paso a otros conductores y asegúrese de que los peatones tengan suficiente espacio para cruzar la calle cuando sea necesario. Pare para todas las luces amarillas y rojas y haga una parada completa en las señales de alto. Recuerde que siempre es mejor prevenir un accidente antes de que suceda, para que nadie se lesione y todo el mundo pueda disfrutar del juego.

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January 23, 2015

Safety Tips ahead of NFL's Pro Bowl in Arizona

12315.jpgIf you are a fan of NFL football or if you call the greater Phoenix area home, chances are that you know that the University of Phoenix stadium, home to the Arizona Cardinals, will host the Super Bowl this year. But you may not realize that for the second year in a row, the NFL Pro Bowl will take place in the same location as the Super Bowl and will happen one week earlier than the biggest game of the season.

This means that on Sunday, tens of thousands of fans will descend on the Glendale area to fill the University of Phoenix stadium and to cheer for some of the most popular players from 26 of the 32 NFL teams. In addition to those who will be watching the game in person, many more will be participating at local bars and restaurants, in the homes of friends, or with family as they begin the countdown to the Super Bowl.

Whether you will be in Glendale or near the stadium this weekend, the effects of the Pro Bowl may impact you and your travel around the Phoenix area. To be as safe as possible, the personal injury lawyers at Abels & Annes, P.C. suggest you keep the following tips in mind:

- Include Extra Time for Traveling: Authorities in Glendale and officials with the NFL have confirmed an anticipated increased presence surrounding the stadium and they will be taking additional safety steps as a result. These will vary from the typical procedures in place during Cardinals home games so fans should be aware that some parking areas, tailgating lots, and access points will be closed. If you plan to head to the game, plan your route ahead of time and consider leaving earlier than intended in case you run into an issue getting to the stadium.

- Watch for Pedestrians when Driving: Many people traveling to the game may be unfamiliar with the area and may not be used to the streets and crosswalks present in Glendale. Be alert for pedestrians at all times while behind the wheel and make sure you anticipate their presence if you will be driving this weekend.

- Do Not Drink and Drive: For some, football and alcohol go hand-in-hand as a way to enjoy a game like the Pro Bowl. But if you will be drinking, please remember the laws that apply in Arizona and do not drive. Anyone under the influence of alcohol while operating a motor vehicle may face serious charges that can result in fines, fees, community service, loss of a driver's license, or incarceration in jail or prison. Further, if a drunk driver causes a car accident, that driver may be financially liable for any and all injuries and damages that result to a victim including medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Instead of driving impaired, please use a designated driver, take a taxi cab, or consider another form of transit if you will be celebrating with alcohol this weekend.

- Use Common Sense: Glendale may be crowded and chaotic this weekend so if things seem dicey, use common sense and put safety first. Yield the right-of-way to other drivers and make sure pedestrians get enough space to cross the street when necessary. Stop for all yellow and red lights and make a complete stop at stop signs. Remember, it is always best to prevent an accident before it happens so that no one is injured and everyone can enjoy the game.

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January 22, 2015

Manslaughter Charges in Suspected Intoxicated Driving Crash

12215%282%29.jpgWhen a car accident takes place in Phoenix, the fallout from the collision does not end the moment the cars stop spinning. Instead, while a collision takes mere moments, it triggers a series of events that can last hours, days, weeks, or even years. In most cases, police are alerted when a crash happens and they respond to the scene. Emergency medical crews may also arrive if injuries are suspected or confirmed or if the accident is believed to be significant.

Most collisions trigger an on-scene investigation that will include an officer interviewing those involved in the crash as well as any eyewitnesses available. The accident may be evaluated and officials will attempt to determine which factors led to the crash and whether anyone involved erred prior to the impact, potentially leading to the issuance of traffic tickets or criminal charges. Vehicles will need to be repaired or replaced and the victims of the collision will have to deal with some inconveniences. When injuries result, victims may need to obtain medical help at a hospital, may need follow up care, or may need other assistance like rehabilitative and occupational therapy.

The fallout from a collision lasts much longer than the crash itself and at-fault drivers often fail to consider this in the moments that follow an accident. Yet the liability for these crashes can extend from a traffic ticket to a criminal courtroom and even to the financially liability for the injuries sustained buy victims. This last part - financial liability - can be astounding as even a simple, low speed collision may produce devastating injuries.

The laws are on the side of victims when it comes to post-accident help and relief and may entitle car crash victims to obtain financial compensation for their losses. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer in the Phoenix area can help you realize what relief may be available to you if you have been hurt or if your loved one was killed in a collision.

Police in Phoenix have released new information regarding a January 8, 2015 car accident that left one man dead and a second man injured. The crash happened near 35th Avenue and Greenway Road in Phoenix and involved a suspected speeding vehicle that ran a red light, causing a collision with a second car in the area. Police have now stated that the suspected at-fault driver was under the influence of pain medication at the time of the impact and that he was known to area firefighters as an opiate user.

The alleged at-fault driver was hurt and the driver of the other vehicle lost his life the day after the collision due to the injuries he sustained. Now, the suspected at-fault driver is facing manslaughter and speed-related charges for his role in the crash.

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January 21, 2015

Speed a Possible Factor in Serious Phoenix Car Accident

12115.jpgIf you are like the majority of Americans, you consider yourself a better-than-average driver. This qualification has been the subject of numerous national studies with some producing startling results. In some instances, as many as 82 percent of all American drivers considered themselves to be above average in their driving skills and techniques, but many of those who claimed this elevated status admitted to dangerous behaviors while driving. This has been interpreted by some experts to illustrate the fact that many drivers believe rules are important but that the rules do not apply to them. Common examples of this include drivers who state that operating while intoxicated, speeding, and distracted are bad and may cause collisions but those same drivers admit to one or more of those actions on a reoccurring basis.

Speed is believed to be a factor in more collisions nationally than any other factor and it often combines with additional actions, like failing to yield, to produce an accident. Traveling over the posted speed limit or too fast for conditions will increase the distance necessary for a motorist to slow or stop a vehicle and will limit that driver's ability to take evasive action if a hazard appears or traffic conditions change. While speeders make a conscious decision to drive fast, those in other cars have no choice in the matter. They are subjected to the conditions on the road as they find them and their personal safety can be threatened when someone chooses to speed. If a car accident occurs and an at-fault driver made a mistake, like speeding, the victims of these collisions who sustain injuries may be entitled to seek financial compensation if the crash happens in Arizona. Speaking with a Phoenix personal injury lawyer may help you understand what claims may be available to you and whether you are entitled to relief if a collision has affected your life.

On Monday evening, two vehicles collided in Phoenix and left three people hurt, according to police. The incident took place near 19th Avenue and Southern Avenue prior to 6:00 p.m. and may have been caused by a speeding driver. At this time, police believe that a black car traveling westbound on Southern Avenue made a U-turn and then collided with a black SUV in the area.

The crash was significant and caused a small child to be ejected from the SUV, leaving her in serious condition and requiring medical care at an area hospital. The girl's current condition and the nature of her injuries are not clear at this time. Additionally, the driver of the suspected at-fault car was hurt in the accident but is expected to recover. A second male was injured as well but officials have not confirmed in which vehicle the man was riding prior to the impact or how severe his injuries are.

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January 19, 2015

Car Accident in Scottsdale Injures 1

11915%282%29.jpgArizona has experienced a boom in population growth in recent decades like few areas of the country. In fact, the Phoenix metropolitan area grew by 45.3 percent between 1990 and 200 - compare that to a national average increase of 13.2 percent and it is easy to see how significant the growth has been to those that call Phoenix home.

More people has led to significant development in the State of Arizona. Buildings, neighborhoods, and shopping complexes seem to spring up out of the desert overnight and the alterations to the previously stark landscape are drastic. With this boom has come an increased demand on local streets and highways. Officials have redesigned some areas to serve the increased demand while others have been marked by the creation of new thoroughfares to make the area drivable. The Loop 202 is a good example of this recent strategy.

Though local officials have taken steps to make driving safe, car accidents continue to happen in Phoenix as drivers make mistakes behind the wheel or fail to pay attention to what they are doing while driving. These accidents may be minor and may lead only to damage to the vehicles involved or they may be severe and cause injuries or death to the drivers or passengers. These serious accidents can cause devastation and can leave victims with more answers than questions following a collision and can cause the victims to incur significant financial expenses. Speaking with a personal injury attorney in Phoenix may help you understand your options and your rights if a crash has impacted you or left you hurt.

On a Friday morning earlier this month, three vehicles collided near the area of 130th Street and Shea Boulevard in Chandler and at least one person was hurt as a result. Police responded to the scene and determined that one person involved was trapped within a vehicle and had to be freed with the help of emergency responders. At this time, it appears that the trapped individual was the one who sustained injuries and needed treatment at an area hospital where that victim's current condition remains unknown.

At least four other individuals were involved and were evaluated at the scene by EMS personnel but those four did not appear to sustain serious injuries and were not taken for additional treatment. Police have not yet revealed what caused the collision or whether any driver involved will be cited in the accident but they have stated that they are investigating all factors and that an investigation is ongoing.

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January 15, 2015

Pedestrian Killed in Chandler Hit-and-Run Accident

11515%282%29.jpgIt is the job of local and state police officers to investigate traffic collisions and to determine whether mistakes were made in those accidents, leading to a conclusion of whether traffic citations should be issued. Some, if not many, accidents can present challenges as the drivers involved may be prone to present information in a light that favors their conduct as opposed to the truest light possible. Further, if a victim is hurt in a crash, that victim may not be able to recount fully the events that preceded the impact and may be unaware of what actually caused a crash.

Fortunately for those who are hurt in a Phoenix car accident, the laws of the state enable them to obtain legal counsel, like a personal injury lawyer, who will represent their interests and seek a financial settlement for their injuries. Often, these lawyers are skilled at sorting through the jumble of information that results from a collision and can determine the facts that matter for a victim's civil case for relief. Monetary payments may be possible to help these victims obtain the healthcare they need or even to provide payment to surviving family members when a victim is killed, though no amount of compensation can ever be considered adequate in these situations.

Victims do not need to be in a car to have a valid claim for relief. Those who ride bicycles, walk, or travel by motorcycle may also have valid claims if they were injured in an accident and they may be able to obtain the payment they deserve by speaking with an attorney.

On Wednesday night, a 47-year-old female was walking along the road near the intersection of Dobson Road and Canyon Way in Chandler when an unidentified vehicle approached and collided with the woman, leaving her critically injured. Police believe that the victim may have been walking in a marked bicycle lane when the car struck her and that the driver of the vehicle, whose identify is not known, fled the scene without stopping to render aid or to call local authorities.

Police were alerted to the incident and responded to the scene shortly after the 9:30 p.m. collision. They found the victim with significant injuries and though medical officials attempted to render aid, the woman died as a result of the crash. Police have not released a description of the vehicle at this time but they believe that it may be a sedan and that the car may have sustained damage to its front bumper and windshield as well as damage on the passenger side. Anyone with any information is asked to call the Chandler Police Department on this incident to aid in the investigation which is ongoing at this time.

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January 14, 2015

Phoenix Crash Leaves 2 Pregnant Women, 2 Others Injured

11415.jpgAccording to Forbes magazine and the insurance industry, the typical American driver is involved in a car accident every 17.9 years. This means that if you begin driving on your 16th birthday and you have the luck of an average American driver, you will be involved in a crash by the time you are 34 at the latest. Certainly, some drivers are luckier than others and may be involved in fewer collisions while some seem to be involved in many more. Regardless of your personal history, Phoenix motorists cannot deny it - car accidents pose a threat to the safety of anyone and can leave anyone a victim on any given day.

Automobile collisions may involve injuries to those involved depending on the facts of the crash. Speed, impact, directionality, design of a car, safety restraints and devices, and the weather may all play a role in whether injuries result. But one factor that is not analyzed as closely is the nature of the person involved. Children, the elderly, and pregnant women may be more likely to be harmed than others when a car accident occurs due to underlying medical conditions or simply because of their age. When this happens, these victims, regardless of who they are, may be entitled to financial compensation for their losses that can include payment for medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages. Speaking to a lawyer who handles personal injury accidents may help you understand your options and your rights if you have been hurt in a collision or if your loved one was injured or killed.

On Tuesday afternoon, two cars collided near the intersection of 19th Avenue and Roeser Road in Phoenix and several people were hurt. Authorities responded to the scene around 4:30 p.m. and confirmed that at least four people were hurt and that two of them were pregnant women. While authorities began their investigation, emergency medical personnel assessed the four victims and transported each of them to an area hospital where their current conditions remain unknown.

There has been no information on what may have caused both vehicles to collide or whether the crash was due to an error made by one of the drivers but authorities have confirmed that they are reviewing all available information and that tickets may be issued based on the results of the review.

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