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July 30, 2015

Two Car Collision in Gilbert Injures 2

73015%282%29.jpgStatistics continue to show that some times of the day are safety to drive on Arizona roads and streets than others. Certain dangerous activities behind the wheel seem to go hand-in-hand with certain times of the day. For example, the number of drunk driving accidents that happen in the overnight hours in Phoenix is greater than the number of those collisions that happen in the afternoons.

If you take to the freeways with regularity in Phoenix, you know that rush hours can be brutal. The congestion can seem to come from nowhere and turn your drive into stop-and-go with little or no warning. Rush hours also bring motorists who are in a hurry to either get to work or get home which can lead to speeding, a factor in an estimated 50 percent of all car accidents across the country.

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July 29, 2015

Alcohol Suspected in Fatal Tucson Car Crash

72815.jpgAre drunk driving accidents a threat to your personal safety? If you act responsibly and refrain from drinking and driving, you may think that you do not need to concern yourself with impaired and drunk driving statistics because you will never be a victim of such a crash. That thinking is incredibly dangerous though as thousands of innocent victims are harmed in Arizona annually by the actions of another driver, like a drunk driver, and those innocent victims did nothing to bring about the harm.

The Arizona Department of Transportation reports that more than 250 people lose their lives each year in drunk driving related accidents. That averages out to one death every 18 hours spread over the year. Some of these unfortunate victims are in the same car as an impaired driver while others may be in a separate vehicle; yet some may be pedestrians, bicyclists, or even motorcyclists. When a crash claims the life of someone, that victim's family members are the ones left behind to pick up the pieces and attempt to move beyond the crash and onward with their lives.

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July 27, 2015

Blown Tire Suspected Cause of Arizona Rollover Accident

72715.jpgTires tend to be an overlooked portion of a car or a truck, just parts of the vehicle that motorists assume is safe but that do not get checked often for issues. However unlike many other features of a car - like a stereo or air conditioning - the tires are vital to the overall safety of a vehicle and even a small fluctuation in one tire can present a serious problem.

Tire blowouts can lead to car accidents that can be very frightening and far too often can turn deadly. Experts categories these incidents into two large categories: those caused or influenced by an action of the driver and those caused by the tire itself. In the first incident, failing to maintain proper tire pressure or failing to replace worn tires with regularity can weaken the integrity of a tire and can make it more prone to blowing. In the latter, defects in design or manufacture can leave a tire with a weakened point that may be unable to withstand normal use, leading to a blowout. It can be difficult to know which type of collision you were involved in if a tire blowout happened to you and often it requires an expert to recreate the conditions to fully understand what led to the crash.

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July 24, 2015

Light Rail Strikes Car in Phoenix

72415%282%29.jpgAcross the country, more than 1,000 people are injured and more than 300 killed every year in accidents at railroad crossings, according to the United States Department of Transportation. While the typical image of a train accident might look like a rural setting involving a set of tracks and an errant car, the reality of these incidents is far different. Collisions happen in urban, suburban, and rural settings and may involve one train, multiple trains, or even a combination of a train and another type of vehicle, like a car, truck, or bus.

Tragedy occurs when these accidents involve injuries or death and this harm may never be fixed. While the damage done by a train accident in areas like Phoenix cannot be undone, the victims of those incidents may be able to obtain financial compensation that would enable them to move forward from a crash and beyond the incident that affected them. From medical expenses to pain and suffering, the totality of the harm caused by a train crash can be extreme and can leave a victim in need of help. If you have been hurt, you may wish to speak with a personal injury lawyer to learn about your options and rights under Arizona law, including whether you have a valid claim for your injuries.

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July 23, 2015

Single Car Accident in Glendale Injures Driver

72315%282%29.jpgImmediately following a car accident in Phoenix, it may be difficult to obtain a complete grasp on all the relevant details that went into the collision and led to the crash. It may take experts weeks to sort through the facts and to determine what led to an accident and whether mistakes or negligence played a role. In the cases where an action outside of one possessed by a driver - like a poorly manufactured tire, a defective design of a car, or a hazardous roadway - it may take even longer.

But victims of these collision often suffer injuries and they need immediate help. They may be forced to seek medical treatment at a hospital or with a physician without knowing if they are entitled to relief or whether anyone will be forced to compensate them for their suffering. Fortunately, though an investigation may take some time, victims often can obtain immediate answers about their civil rights in Arizona by speaking with a personal injury attorney who handles car accidents in the area.

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July 21, 2015

Teen Crossing Street in Glendale Killed by Fleeing Car

72115.jpgAcross the Phoenix area, many schools are starting back into session this week and kids are returning to the classroom. Yet some remain out and with their summer breaks comes kids who have additional free time and may be seen in and around the Valley. As a result, all drivers should be aware of kids and teenagers when they are navigate the roads as these groups are more likely to be present now than at some other times of the year.

Many young people choose to walk or ride a bicycle around the Phoenix area for a means of transportation and as a result, pedestrian accidents and bicycle collisions involving children are a potential that no driver can afford to ignore. The facts continue to bear the conclusion that when a large, heavy car and a small, unprotected child collide, the child is injured more than 90 percent of the time and far too often loses his or her life.

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July 17, 2015

Rollover Car Accident Injures 2 in Scottsdale

71715.jpgA blown tire. A collision with a curb. An unexpectedly sharp corner. These are just some of the factors that can lead to or cause a rollover car accident in Phoenix. In some instances, it can be difficult to determine what caused a car to roll and it may be up to professional accident reconstruction experts to try and sort through the facts of the crash.

But regardless of what led to the impact or the roll, in the vast majority of collisions, negligence or recklessness played a role. Whether it was a driver operating too fast for conditions, a company that designed and manufactured a defective tire, or even poor road design, these crashes can generally be traced to a mistake or a failure to act on the part of one or more people. When such an incident takes place, the laws of Arizona step in to right the wrongs done to the innocent as much as possible. As it is impossible to reverse time and prevent an accident from taking place, the laws instead enable a victim or that victim's surviving family members to bring a civil claim for their damages against any and all of those people who are responsible. This can lead to a financial recovery on behalf of victims for damages like medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages. Speaking to a personal injury attorney with experience representing car accident victims in Phoenix can help you realize what options may be available to you if you have been hurt in a crash.

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July 15, 2015

Fatal I-10 Car Accident Allegedly Caused by Drunk Driver

71515%282%29.jpgIf you are not familiar with the Phoenix area, driving in the Valley can be very complex. With its congested highways and unusual layout, visitors to the area often express bewilderment at some of the driving skills needed to navigate with ease. Not only visitors are perplexed though as many who call Phoenix home struggle on the roads - though they often do not have novelty as an excuse.

Regardless of your familiarity with the Valley, it is the charged duty of each and every driver to operate safely on the roads and to ensure that his or her conduct does not pose a threat to others. Despite this clear legal requirement, drivers take to the roads every day and engage in dangerous, hazardous, and otherwise threatening actions that far too often lead to car accidents.

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July 13, 2015

Wrong Way Car Accident in Arizona Turns Fatal, Causes Additional Fatal Pileup

71215.jpgIn the last two years, it seems that Arizona has experienced more than its fair share of wrong-way car accidents. The majority of these collisions have occurred on highways and expressways as well as other heavily-traveled areas, leading to accidents that too often proved to be fatal. Not only is a driver who operates in the wrong direction in danger of harm should a crash happen but any passengers in that vehicle as well as those in another car are also at risk.

The reasons behind these car accidents have been varied though some continuity exists among the majority. In some instances, a driver later claimed that he or she was confused about the layout of a road, leading to the driver operating in the wrong direction. But lately, many collisions that involve a wrong-way operator have been allegedly caused by intoxication - either alcohol or drugs. Some of those drivers have been so impaired that they did not realize they were traveling in the wrong direction or that they were risking a collision by driving against traffic. And yet in other instances, it remains unclear why a driver operated a car improperly and it can be difficult for experts to determine what went wrong.

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July 9, 2015

Fatal Mesa Motorcycle Crash Caused by Impairment

7915.jpgWhen riding a motorcycle, the risk of injury exists not only for the person operating the bike but also for any passengers on board. However few people realize that the threat of harm extends beyond those on a motorcycle and reaches those in passenger cars, those on bicycles, and even pedestrians who may be walking on or near a road or other driving surface.

Motorcycle accidents produce a high rate of injuries when they occur in Phoenix and the fallout from those collisions can last for years. From the immediate injuries that result to the need for medical and rehabilitative care, the financial toll enacted by a collision can accumulate quickly and can leave a victim in need of help. But injuries cause other damages as well and those who are hurt may be unable to care for their families as they normally do, may be forced to miss time from work, and may endure pain, suffering, and permanency of injuries that affect their lives indefinitely. For these reasons and in recognition of the suffering that many victims experience, state laws are available to help those who are hurt by providing them with the right to seek payment for their damages. Speaking with a personal injury attorney can clarify what rights may exist if you have been involved in a motorcycle crash in the Valley.

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July 8, 2015

Driver Charged with Causing Fatal Pedestrian Crash

7815.jpgPedestrians and cars do not mix well in the Valley or elsewhere in Arizona. When a collision between these groups occurs, the pedestrian involved is almost always injured and far too often, the pedestrian loses his or her life due to the injuries that are sustained in the crash.

In most cases, the term "accident" is a misnomer because it implies that a collision happens by chance and not by fault. Rather, in the majority of car accidents in Phoenix, a crash can be blamed on the actions of one or more drivers involved and often is the result of negligent conduct behind the wheel. Common causes of collisions include speeding, driving while distracted, texting while driving, following too closely, and failing to yield the right-of-way. But perhaps the risky conduct that receives the most attention by the public is driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

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July 7, 2015

Ex-NFL Star Donovan McNabb Arrested for DUI in Gilbert

7715%283%29.jpgAccording to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, approximately one-third of all drivers who are arrested for or convicted of drunk driving are repeat offenders. This may seem logical when you consider the fact that MADD also reports an average drunk driver operates under the influence more than 80 times before he or she is arrested and charged for an infraction. While it remains a crime in Arizona to drive while drunk, countless motorists do so every day and they place the safety of others in jeopardy as a result of their actions.

Arizona, including Maricopa County, has some of the strictest drunk driving laws in the nation and many first time offenders are required to serve jail time as a result. That is a lesson that former NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb learned after a 2013 arrest for drunk driving outside of Phoenix and a subsequent guilty plea. Now, McNabb is facing similar charges after a traffic accident at a red light in Gilbert.

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July 7, 2015

At Least 4 Vehicles Involved in Loop 101 Crash

7715.jpgMost types of car accidents that happen in Phoenix are due to a mistake or negligent conduct on the part of one or more drivers involved. As a result, almost all of these crashes could be avoided if motorists acted with safety as their primary concern while behind the wheel and if they failed to get distracted from that task. Yet unfortunately, preventable accidents happen daily in the Valley and far too often, those involved in the collisions are left with significant injuries and in need of medical care.

While crashes garner attention in the media, the totality of their harm is rarely expressed and as a result, many victims are left surprised by the devastation caused by a car accident and they may be unable to recover on their own. The injuries caused by a car crash rarely terminate on the same day as a collision and may last for days, weeks, months, or even years to follow. The worst crashes claim the lives of one or more individuals involved and the loss and suffering experienced by the family members of those victims will never end. Fortunately, the laws in Arizona recognize how traumatic a car accident can be and therefore the laws side with the innocent victims who are hurt in those collisions. Through the use of a civil claim for damages, victims can seek and recover financial compensation for their damages against an at-fault driver or an insurance company, and if a loved one is killed, the right to relief passes to that victim's surviving family members. Speaking with a personal injury attorney can illuminate any legal options that may exist if you have been the victim of a car accident in Phoenix.

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July 6, 2015

1 Killed, 3 Injured in Phoenix Car Accident

7615%282%29.jpgCar accidents can be caused by thousands of different factors and can happen on any road and at any time of day. But unlike popular conceptions, collisions usually result not from a single incident but rather from a combination of factors - a motorist that was distracted and then failed to yield the right-of-way, a speeding driver who followed too closely as a result, or even a motorist who failed to obey construction zone restrictions and then caused a crash with a worker. Regardless of the cause, though, car crashes are serious threats to those who reside in Phoenix as well as those who visit the Valley of the Sun.

In many cases, even those involved in a car accident are unaware of the full extent of the legal fallout from a crash because they are not aware of all factors that led to the impact. While an officer might list one cause of a collision, in many cases there are additional contributing incidents and it may take someone with experience to sort through the data to determine all actions that caused a crash. It is important to have a full understanding of a traffic accident because it will determine what rights the victims possess and whether anyone can be held financially liable for the harm that stems from an accident. For these reasons and others, many victims choose to speak with a personal injury attorney to learn about their legal recourse and to determine who may bear the financial burden of their harm.

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July 1, 2015

Celebrate Safely for the 4th of July in Phoenix

Fireworks.jpgThe 4th of July holiday weekend is approaching rapidly and those in the Valley are getting ready to celebrate. Many have a long weekend off from work and will be able to spend time with family and friends as a result. Children are out of school on summer break and are looking forward to outdoor activities and watching fireworks in Phoenix. For many, 4th of July marks one of the most exciting weekends of the summer.

The 4th of July should be a time of fun for all those who wish to participate in celebrations. Whether your tradition entails barbecuing with friends in your backyard, taking the kids to Fabulous Phoenix Fourth downtown and playing on the giant inflatables, or stopping by Tempe Town Lake to take in the music and fireworks, you will find entertainment across the Valley. But if this year is like previous years, tragedy will strike some people who are minding their own business while celebrating and may take the form of a car accident, pedestrian crash, or bicycle collision and may result in victims needing medical care.

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