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December 19, 2014

Arrest Made in Fatal Wrong Way Gilbert Car Accident

121914%283%29.jpgThe greater Phoenix area experienced a number of wrong way accidents in 2014. Several of these occurred on some of the Valley's busy highways and freeways and some proved to be fatal. In many others, victims were left with injuries and in need of medical help through no fault of their own. With such a rash outbreak of wrong way car accidents, many began to question the causes behind these collisions and whether some changes in road design or traffic enforcement would reduce them. Many theories have been proposed but it is clear that as long as these accidents continue to occur, victims will continue to pay the price.

Options vary following a car crash in Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Tempe, and Scottsdale vary depending on the facts and circumstances surrounding the crash but in many cases, those who are hurt are entitled to relief. Payment can be obtained to cover expenses including medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering as well as any other losses you sustained. In the event that your loved one is killed, the right to obtain compensation may belong to you, even though no amount of money can be considered adequate in these cases. Speaking with an injury lawyer can help you understand your rights if a car accident has affected your life or taken your loved one from you.

In May, a wrong way crash took place on the Loop 202 in Gilbert and left two people dead. In response to a police investigation, the suspected at-fault driver surrendered this week and is now facing multiple charges. Authorities allege that the 68-year-old female driver was under the influence of alcohol and prescription drugs when she drove against traffic on the Loop 202 with a 9-year-old child in her vehicle. The suspect collided head-on with a vehicle carrying a 25-year-old man and a 20-year-old woman and claimed both of their lives. Additionally, the 9-year-old child was seriously hurt and the suspected impaired driver was also injured but both survived the crash.

Police have reported that the suspect had a blood alcohol of .180, more than twice the legal limit of .08 in Arizona, and that she had prescription pain killers in her system at the time of the collision. The woman's family members claim she suffers from lupus and fibromyalgia and that the pain medication was hers lawfully. Current charges against the suspect include two counts of second degree murder, criminal damage, aggravated assault, endangerment, and child abuse.

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December 18, 2014

Reminders for Safe Travel this Holiday Season

121814%282%29.jpgWith the holiday season in full swing in Arizona, many residents are starting to think about their travel plans, whether they will take place inside or outside of the state. Many school districts in Phoenix and across the Valley are on winter break and many others will be in the coming days so some residents are already on the move. Most of these people will travel on some of the busiest expressways in the area, including the Loop 101, Loop 202, 10, 60, and 17.

More Americans are expected to travel at least 50 miles from home this year than in any year since 2009. With nearly 100 million travelers anticipated, roads will be busy and will be congested. Arizona will not escape this influx of vehicular traffic and therefore those in Phoenix are wise to consider this possibility before they leave home.

At Abels & Annes, P.C., our personal injury lawyers have experience in holiday car accidents and their devastation. With all we know, we want to pass on the following tips to make your trip as safe and uneventful as possible if you are traveling this year:

- If traffic is heavy, keep to your lane: Drivers can be frustrated when traffic backs up, leading them to seek any opening or any opportunity to get ahead of the congestion. But needlessly switching between lanes rarely improves a motorist's situation and often leads to increased risk. Changing lanes during times of heavy traffic is a common cause of side impact collisions and other accidents which will not only ruin your day but will also cause that traffic to worsen. Instead, stick to one lane when possible and when you have no need to move and try to be patient until traffic lessens.

- Keep your focus on the road: If you are traveling this season, it is easy to focus on the events ahead with your family and friends. But while you are in your vehicle, keep your attention on the road and on traffic surrounding you. Try to ignore outside distractions like billboards and scenic views and do not let inside distractions take you away from your task. If your passengers are arguing or children as misbehaving, do not endanger your entire car by losing focus. If you need to, pull over to the side of the road and address any distractions while your vehicle is parked safely.

- Remain calm: Losing your cool will not improve your drive or will not ease traffic but it will increase your risk for an accident. Instead, try to remember that you are not capable of controlling the actions of other drivers and do your best to stay level headed if you find yourself in a frustrating situation.

- Never drink and drive: Many will celebrate the holiday season with alcohol but the holidays do not change the fact that it is illegal to drink and drive in the State of Arizona. In addition to being a crime, drinking and driving is a threat to public safety as motorists who are inebriated are more likely to cause a collision. If you choose to drink this year, abstain from driving and instead use a designated driver, public transportation, or a taxi cab is possible. If not, wait until it is safe for you to drive before leaving your location.

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December 17, 2014

Driver Reportedly High in Fatal Tempe Car Accident

121714.jpgWhen it comes to driving a vehicle in Phoenix, each motorist's individual actions directly leads to that driver's safety and the safety of his or her passengers. But it also leads to the safety of others on the road as car accidents routinely involve multiple vehicles, including those that have made no mistakes or wrong turns. Similarly, the actions of other drivers threaten your safety whenever you are behind the wheel. But what can you do to protect yourself from this constant threat of drivers on the roads? Unfortunately, in Phoenix, there is little you can do to ensure proper conduct by other drivers other than to watch out and take evasive action when needed. This means that any driver can become the victim of a crash with little or no warning and without disobeying any traffic rules.

One of the greatest threats on the interstates of Arizona and in the Valley of the Sun is that posed by drunk drivers or drivers under the influence of drugs. Drunk driving accidents claim the lives of more than 250 victims across the state every year. In addition to those victims, thousands suffer due to these losses as nothing can bring back a life that has been cut short too soon. While these collision can happen at any point in the day, they are most likely to occur on weekends and in the overnight hours as that is the time that many people choose to drink or do drugs. Often, in the aftermath of a crash, there is no one to speak for a victim and make sure that victim's rights are protected. If a collision has affected your life and you were hurt, speaking with a personal injury lawyer in Phoenix may enable you to seek the relief you deserve.

New reports have surfaced regarding a fatal car accident that occurred on Friday in Tempe and they could lead to additional criminal charges. According to police, the driver involved, a 19-year-old man, allegedly admitted to smoking marijuana just hours before getting behind the wheel. The teen also drove without a valid license in the area of I-10 near U.S. 60 just before 5:00 a.m. when he reportedly lost control of his vehicle.

At least one witness estimates that the driver was traveling 105 miles per hour at the time of the crash which sent the vehicle into a concrete median. The car also struck a light pole as it spun before coming to a rest.

A 16-year-old female in the vehicle was killed in the crash and other passengers sustained serious injuries, including fractured bones. The driver has been arrested and is facing charges including suspicion of second degree murder and aggravated assault and endangerment. Blood tests are pending and could lead to additional charges against the driver, depending on the outcome.

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December 16, 2014

Phoenix Car Crash Leaves 1 Dead

121614%282%29.jpgDid you drive a car in Phoenix in 2013? Or were you a passenger in a vehicle? If you did not travel in Phoenix, did you drive in Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, Glendale, or Tempe? What about the rest of the state? If you are like most who call the Valley home, odds are that you were in a vehicle at some point last year. If so, the personal injury lawyers at Abels & Annes, P.C. hope you made it to your destination safely and without incident and that your family remained unaffected by a car crash. Unfortunately, the Arizona Department of Transportation reports that 107,348 traffic accidents happened in 2013 alone and that 34,047 of those caused injuries to the people involved.

Victims of car accidents can range from the very young to the very old and across all types of social indicators. It does not matter whether you drive an older car that has seen better days or a brand new, top-of-the-line vehicle with fully loaded features. The truth is that anyone can become the victim of a car crash at any time in Phoenix. When these accidents leave victims injured, those who have been hurt may be entitled to seek compensation for their losses through the use of a civil claim, a court action that has been authorized by Arizona law. But victims do not have to try and sort through their options by themselves as they are entitled to hire a lawyer of their choice to enforce their rights and pursue relief that these victims deserve. If you have been injured or if your loved one has been hurt, you may understand your options better after consulting with an injury lawyer in Arizona.

A collision on Sunday afternoon left one woman dead and another person injured, according to local police who responded to the scene. The incident took place near Chandler Boulevard and Desert Foothills Parkway around 12:30 p.m. in Phoenix. While it is early in their investigation, police suspect that one driver may have lost control over her vehicle, leading her to hit a median and then cross into oncoming traffic, causing a head-on collision with a second car. Both vehicles reportedly were driven by women and one was killed due to the accident; the other sustained serious injuries and was taken to an area hospital where she is expected to survive, but the extent of her damages is not clear.

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December 15, 2014

Speeding a Factor in Fatal Tempe Car Accident

121514%282%29.jpgIn national surveys, more than 80 percent of all American drivers consider themselves to be "better than average" when it comes to operating a car. Of course, 80 percent cannot be better than average, meaning that a large number of motorists identify themselves as good drivers even though that might be an inaccurate description. This holds true in Arizona where hundreds of thousands of motorists hit the streets every day. Unfortunately, when some drivers believe they are more skilled or safer than others, they tend to engage in activities that threaten everyone. The most common of these is speeding. Experts opine that speeding is a deadly factor in car accidents in Phoenix because empirical studies reveal it occurs in almost half of all collisions.

But what happens if you are a safe driver and you are still involved in a crash due to the actions of another? Where do you turn if you are hurt or if your family member is injured or killed? In Arizona, lawmakers understand that victims should not be forced to bear this burden but rather negligent drivers should be held responsible for all that results from an accident. In practice, this means a victim can seek relief for any injuries sustained through the use of a civil claim for damages, a type of legal claim that is separate and distinct from any charges brought by local officials or police. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer in Phoenix or across the Valley may help you understand how to obtain the relief you deserve if an accident has affected you or whether you have a valid claim if your loved one was hurt.

Police believe that a fatal accident in Tempe on Friday began by one driver speeding on I-10. The incident took place in the eastbound lanes near US 60 and started when a driver lost control of a speeding car. The car struck a concrete median along I-10 and also collided with a second vehicle in the area, leading to injuries for four people involved. In addition to those who were hurt, one woman was killed. Her name has not been released but officials have confirmed that she was a back seat passenger in the speeding car prior to the crash.

The conditions of the other four victims are not clear at this time.

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December 12, 2014

Man Killed in Phoenix Crash with Semi Truck

121214%282%29.jpgAny type of traffic accident can turn deadly in Phoenix when the wrong combination of factors mix. Even collisions that seem minor may lead to death or serious injury and may cause suffering that lasts a lifetime. Semi-trucks and other large vehicles tend to be involved in a disproportionately large number of fatal crashes because their large size and weight means that a typical car or passenger vehicle is no match when going head-to-head. This is one of the reasons that trucking companies tend to have expansive insurance policies to protect their interests in the event of an accident.

Victims of Phoenix truck accidents can obtain the relief they deserve if they are willing to pursue a civil claim. Unlike charges brought by local police or state officials, a civil claim is the right of the victim to bring and cannot be barred by a negligent or at-fault driver. Additionally, any relief obtained in a civil claim will benefit the victim directly and can provide compensation for all financial losses from medical expenses to pain and suffering and even lost wages. These collisions and claims are complex and victims rarely are able to negotiate the terrain that comes with them without the help of a skilled lawyer. Speaking with a personal injury attorney in Phoenix or elsewhere in the Valley may help you understand your options and what relief may be available to you if a crash has left you injured.

An incident near 43rd Avenue and Roosevelt Street in Phoenix this morning left one man dead and a woman in critical condition. Police responded to the scene and determined that a car in the area collided with the rear of a semi-truck, leading to a serious accident that left the car heavily damaged. Neither the man nor the woman in the car were able to exit on their own and both had to be removed by firefighters who responded to the crash. The car was partially wedged under the rear of the trailer.

The male victim was pronounced dead at the scene and the female victim's current condition remains unknown at this time. She was taken to an area hospital for treatment of her crash-related injuries but the nature and extent of those injuries has not been revealed.

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December 11, 2014

Pedestrian Killed in Phoenix Hit-and-Run Accident

121114%282%29.jpgWhat do you do if you are involved in a car accident? If you live in Arizona, the law is clear: you must remain at the scene to speak with police officers except in very limited circumstances. Failing to stay at the scene of a crash may trigger charges in addition to any the driver otherwise would have faced, like speeding, because of the inherent dangers of fleeing the scene. When a car accident happens and a victim is hurt, that victim's best chance of obtaining the medical help needed is to have someone call for assistance as soon as possible. If the other driver involved fails to help by staying at the scene, medical treatment may be delayed and may lead to worsening injuries. Further, fleeing the scene makes it difficult for police to investigate a collision and to do so in an efficient manner. Greater time and resources are needed leading to a greater financial burden on the public. When police are busy chasing fleeing suspects, they are unable to respond to other calls for help, leading to an even greater threat to those who call Phoenix home.

These hit-and-run accidents can have different results to the victims who are injured but the legal implications do not change. Victims who are hurt are entitled to seek compensation for their damages regardless of whether an at-fault, fleeing driver was apprehended or even identified. In fact, multiple claims may be possible to ensure that a victim gets fully compensated and these claims can exist against a hit-and-run driver, the owner of a fleeing car, the victim's own insurance company, and others, depending on the facts of the collision. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer in Phoenix or the areas of Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Scottsdale, or Glendale may help you understand your legal options if an accident has affected your life or injured your loved one.

At approximately 3:00 this morning, police in Phoenix were alerted to a collision between a car and a pedestrian near the intersection of 27th Avenue and Camelback Road. The crash happened on 27th Avenue and allegedly involved a pedestrian who may have been seated in the middle of the road. One vehicle approached the area and was able to avoid the pedestrian but a second car stuck the walker, whose name and age have not been disclosed. Despite the response by emergency officials, the pedestrian was killed in the accident.

The driver of the second vehicle failed to stay at the scene but rather fled on 27th Avenue without speaking to police or checking on the condition of the victim. Police are looking for the driver at this time and encourage anyone with information to contact them on this matter. Officers are investigating the incident and have spoken with at least one eye witness but they have not made any conclusive determinations at this time.

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December 10, 2014

3 Car Crash in Scottsdale Sends Vehicle into Canal

121014%282%29.jpgEvery year, the population in the Valley of the Sun continues to increase at a high rate. As the population grows, everything grows, including the number of motorists. A greater number of drivers take to the road every year and with the young population of the Phoenix area, a large number of new motorists are anticipated for years to come. Traffic in Phoenix is heavy as a result and few areas are sparred from the congestion that many drivers loathe.

Car accidents can happen at any point on a road, street, highway, or a parking lot but some situations are more likely than others to lead to a crash. For example, intersections have a large number of collisions because traffic moving in different directions must yield the right-of-way so that only one direction of traffic is in a designated spot at any one time. Failing to yield by running a red light or a stop sign may place multiple vehicles in the intersection simultaneously and lead to a crash.

The cause of an accident can be difficult to determine but the majority of collisions occur when a driver makes a mistake or acts negligently in some way. This negligence can lead to a driver receiving a traffic ticket or other punishment including a criminal charge based on the facts of a specific crash, but that may not be where the penalties end. Arizona law enables victims to obtain the relief they need by bringing a civil claim against the responsible driver or vehicle owner. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer may help you understand your options if an accident has affected your life or left your loved one injured or killed.

A motorist was driving in the area of 69th Street and Shea in Scottsdale on Monday when the driver collided with two other vehicles, according to local authorities. The crash happened in the intersection and the cause of the accident has not been confirmed but police did state that the first vehicle's driver lost control after the initial impact, sending the vehicle off the road's surface and into a nearby canal. The canal had several feet of water in it which led to the vehicle becoming partially submerged.

Two people involved in the accident were hurt and were taken to hospitals for treatment of injuries that were not believed to be life threatening. Witnesses likely played a role in helping the occupants of the partially submerged vehicle escape but it is not clear whether that early escape helped prevent any more serious injuries.

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December 9, 2014

NFL Quarterback Cam Newton Hurt in Car Accident

120914.jpgAnnually, thousands of people in Phoenix fall victims to car accidents and many more suffer across the state of Arizona. But collisions threaten the safety of motorists and passengers nationwide, not just in Arizona. Though significant advances in automobile construction and manufacture have produced safety innovations, injuries continue to result from accidents and some victims lose their lives.

The losses caused by car crashes can be difficult to measure because the full gravity of the collision may take years to materialize. From property damage done instantly to immediate medical needs to injuries that never fully heal, these incidents can harm a victim, families, friends and neighbors for decades. While these accidents cannot be erased once they occur, the laws in Arizona are designed to protect those who are hurt by allowing them to seek financial compensation for their damages, regardless of the form those damages take. To understand your rights if you have been involved in a collision, you may want to consult with a personal injury lawyer in Phoenix to learn if a crash entitles to you payment or whether you have a valid claim against anyone involved.

Unfortunately, sources have confirmed that Cam Newton, starting quarterback for the Carolina Panthers NFL football team, was involved in a collision earlier today in North Carolina and that he was hurt in the crash. Officials have reported that Newton was driving near the Panther's stadium in Charlotte when he collided with a sedan in the area. Newton's truck reportedly flipped onto its side before coming to a rest on a bridge near the scene of the impact.

Emergency crews responded to the scene and evaluated Newton as well as the driver of the sedan. Newton allegedly showed signs of injury and pain, prompting emergency crews to place him on a backboard and transport him by ambulance to an area hospital. Though the nature and extent of his injuries are not known, reports indicate that Newton was conscious at the scene and that his injuries did not appear to be life threatening.

The driver of the sedan likely sustained injuries but conflicting reports have been released at this time so it cannot be confirmed.

There has been no declaration by officials as to the cause of the collision or whether either driver involved acted negligently prior to the impact. As the investigation into this crash continues, tickets may or may not be issued.

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December 8, 2014

Chandler Car Accident Leaves 4 Hurt

120814%282%29.jpgThinking about your day-to-day activities, do you encounter traffic in the greater Phoenix area? Do you drive on the Loop 101, 202, or 303? Do you drive on I-10 or I-17? Or do you stick to city roads and surface streets as you get around town? Even if you do not own your own car or drive, chances are that the traffic conditions in Phoenix affect you all the same. Those who travel by foot or by bus know that traffic and collisions have a direct effect on their commute. In fact, more than 100,000 car accidents happen in Arizona every year, according to the Secretary of State, and many of those incidents involve multiple victims. When large vehicles like buses or trucks are involved, the potential number of victims may increase substantially.

If a crash takes place in Phoenix and causes you injuries, the state laws may provide you with certain protections and certain rights, including the right to seek financial compensation for your injuries. A personal injury lawyer may be able to help you understand your options if a collision has affected you or or has injured your loved one. Claims may be possible against an at-fault driver or that driver's insurance company but can also be available against your own insurance. Many crashes spawn the potential for multiple claims so that a victim can obtain fair and adequate compensation for the damages done, so it is important to lean about all options before you decide the path to recovery to pursue.

Authorities in Chandler were alerted to a car accident near the intersection of Alma School and Chandler Boulevard on Saturday night. The facts of the incident are not clear yet but it has been confirmed that four people, all adults, were injured and in need of medical help. One victim sustained serious injuries and had to be transported by air ambulance to an area hospital.

There has not been a definitive cause of the accident released by the police at this time but the factual review is ongoing. Police plan to speak with the victims to learn about the conditions prior to the impact and to try to sort through all relevant information.

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December 5, 2014

Two Buses Collide in Gilbert

120514%282%29.jpg Children are some of the most vulnerable members of our society and parents do their best to protect their kids. But unfortunately, parents cannot be around every minute of every day and must enlist some outside help. Many parents in Phoenix trust school buses to take their kids to and from school every weekday without a second thought.

Most of these trips occur without incident and the kids on board make it to school and home without a problem. But for some parents, a bus trip turns into a nightmare when a school bus accident takes place. Hundreds of these collisions happen every year and many of them result in injuries to the children on board as well as any adults or drivers who may be riding the bus. Injuries to a child can be difficult to determine because some injuries can last mere days while others may affect the child for a lifetime. To enable these victims to obtain relief, Arizona law and the laws in Phoenix entitle these victims and their family members to bring a civil claim for their losses. Relief can be sought to cover any damages from medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other losses that may occur. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer in the Phoenix area may help you understand your rights if your child has been hurt in a school bus accident or if a collision has affected your life.

Wednesday afternoon turned scary for nearly 40 children on board a school bus in Gilbert. At approximately 1:50 p.m., a school bus and a private bus designed to carry kids crashed near the intersection of Recker Road and Guadalupe. The front end of the school bus, carrying a driver and approximately 40 children, struck the front and passenger side of a second bus carrying only an adult driver.

Police responded to the scene and limited traffic in the area. There were no reports of serious injuries among the children and neither driver was believed to be hurt, either. Investigators have not disclosed the suspected cause of the impact but have confirmed that they are reviewing all facts at this time.

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December 4, 2014

4 People Hurt after Phoenix Car Accident

120414%282%29.jpgWhen you travel around Phoenix, what is your preferred method of transit? If you are like many, driving or riding in a car is the easiest and most convenient means of transit. You may choose to ride with little thought behind it or little concern about driving. In fact, many motorists feel that driving lets them control their own safety and their own destiny while other transit requires them to give up control. Contrary to popular belief, though, driving a car is not the safest means to get around the Valley as more than 100,000 car accidents happen annually in Arizona.

While you may be able to control your own driving habits and actions, you cannot control the conduct of other motorists who share the roads. This means that anyone inside a car, whether a driver or a passenger, is at risk to be involved in a collision. While some crashes are minor and only leave vehicles damaged, thousands occur in Phoenix and the rest of Arizona every year that leave one or more people hurt and in need of medical help. While these collisions cannot always be avoided, prevented, or eliminated, the victims of the crashes may be entitled to seek legal relief if the crash was due to a mistake. Consulting with a lawyer who represents personal injury victims may help you realize your options if a crash has affected your life or has left your loved one hurt.

On Tuesday afternoon, local police in Phoenix were alerted to a collision near the intersection of Pinnacle Peak and Scottsdale Road, close to the border between Phoenix and Scottsdale. When they arrived, officials noticed the collision left four men injured and in serious condition. Three of the victims were males in their 20s while the fourth man was in his 30s. Ambulances and emergency crews were on scene and evaluated all the victims before taking them to a nearby trauma center for treatment. The injuries sustained by the men have not been disclosed but at least one person sustained a neck injury, according to officials.

Early reports have not clarified the facts surrounding the crash and few details are known at this time. It is also unclear whether all the victims were in one vehicle or multiple vehicles prior to the incident or whether anyone involved will receive a citation as a result of the crash.

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